How To Keep Outdoor Rug On Concrete Patio?

How To Keep Outdoor Rug On Concrete Patio?

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If you use a rug on an outdoor concrete patio, you notice the rug always not stay in a certain place for wind, footsteps or household tasks. It’s quite impossible to keep rugs on the concrete patio manually. If you have questions about how to keep outdoor rug on a concrete patio or how to keep outdoor rugs in place on concrete this article is perfect for you.

While you need to fix outdoor rugs urgently but you are not a professional person follow the below tips.

  •  Clean your concrete patio and allow to air dry surface.
  •  Take heavy-duty rug tape which easily clings with concrete.
  •  Take measurements of your outdoor carpet.
  •  Point out the place and mark them where your want to cling the rugs.
  •  Wait sometimes and gently press tape so that rug set properly.

Immediately fix your rug with tape follow these tips. But for permanent use, these tricks are not perfect.

How do you secure outdoor rugs on concrete?

Normal rugs tape not properly stick with concrete. While fine dust, dirt or concrete gets wet it’s become slippery so need special tape to fix rugs.

The wind is another common fact to move waterproof outdoor rugs from the concrete patio. Wind speed over 40mph easily blows outdoor rugs if it is not properly fixed with a concrete patio. Use double-sided carpet tape to stick the outdoor waterproof rug properly. Silicone is used in double-sided carpet tape so that the outdoor rug waterproof easily adheres with concrete.

Double-sided carpet tape is very popular for strong sticky. Just ensure your concrete dry before using it otherwise not adhere properly. Here are detailed steps to fix rugs with concrete.

1.Properly Clean concrete:

Being excessively messy concrete patio mats become dirty soon. Remove dust, paper, toys and large dirt from the concrete patio. You may use a vacuum cleaner to remove fine dust. You may sweep the floor to remove the rest dirt. After deep cleaning concrete with water and floor cleaner allow to air dry the floor.

2. Take measurement:

Take full measurements of your outdoor waterproof rugs and point to the place where use tape. If have any previous tape on rugs remove it. Skip this step if you know the measurements of the rug.

3. Mark concrete patio:

After completing two previous steps then mark the concrete floor. Take a ruler and chalk to mark the concrete patio. Mark carefully corner point it’s more important than a middle point.

4. Place rugs on concrete:

Now it’s time to unfold the rug on concrete. Keep rug on mark point and take double slide tape to fix it. Wait sometimes after using tape on the rug.

5. Remove plastic paper:

Now it’s time to remove the plastic paper from the rug, start removing the paper from the adhesive side of the rug. Press the tape firmly so that it’s not moving while removing the plastic.

Why you need a rug pad to keep outdoor rugs in place on concrete?

The concrete surface is strong, durable, easy to clean and maintain. Concrete patio messy fast for outdoor dust and frequently changing weather. If you use an outdoor rug it’s will be a great way to protect concrete from messy.

Different stylish colors and patterns best patio carpet available in the market. Outdoor deck carpet ideas make your outdoor patio versatile. Some benefits of using a rug on concrete.

  • Make concrete versatile and comfortable without any hassle.
  • Outdoor rug on concrete patio protect concrete from excess messy.
  • Make rug non-slippery.
  • Save concrete from footsteps and sudden damage.

Now you know the benefits of rugs on concrete. The rug pad is also an essential part of rugs. Best rug pad keep rug safe and comfortable. Here are some reasons why you use a rug pad.

Keep rug dry:

For outdoor rugs, proper air circulation is very important. If the rug is wet long time mold, mildew, and bacteria will grow under rugs. While you will remove rugs bad smell spread, so use a rug pad for proper air circulation.

Protect concrete from stain:

If concrete self debris occurs concrete color becomes fade. So use a rug pad so that the rug not hold dirt.

Reduce possibility of sudden injury:

When the outdoor patio is wet rug becomes slippery. While you use a rug pad it’s properly stuck with concrete, rug pad reduces the possibility of sudden injury.

Fix rug with concrete:

Outdoor rugs are comparatively thin than indoor rugs. So rug moves frequently if you not use a rug pad. The rug pad saves from sudden slip and provides luxurious comfort.


Concrete patio mats are an essential element because outdoor carpets for decks or patios save concrete from damage. Outdoor all weather patio rugs save concrete from excess wet, snow and sunlight. In the rainy season waterproof rugs for outdoors are a perfect choice. You find lots of outdoor deck rug ideas online.

Related Question (FAQs)

Can you leave an outdoor rug outside all year round?

Yes of course you can leave an outdoor rug outside all year round. If you have a question are outdoor rugs a good idea you get this answer from here. Outdoor rug material is comparatively strong, durable, waterproof and sunlight proof so that not easily damaged. To reduce the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria use a rug pad. The rug pad also fixes the rug with concrete and makes the rug non-slippery.

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