how to keep a rug flat on carpet?

How To Keep A Rug Flat On Carpet?

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Carpets increase home beauty and keep safe the floor from excess messy. Everyone wants to keep their rug beautiful and flat on the carpet. But you face some practical problems when you will keep the rug on the carpet. The most common problem are tripping corners, non-flat surfaces and curling up corners. If you already face such a problem use rug clips which temporary hold the carpet, but it’s not a permanent solution. In this article, we will guide you on how to keep a rug flat on carpet? So let’s start.

Easy Steps to keep rug flat on the carpet:

Follow below steps to stop your rug flat on carpet.

Measure Your Rug Size:

Popular rug sizes are round, square and rectangular, pick one from them and make your room amazing. Take accurate measurement of your rug so that you can buy an accurate size rug pad for your rug.

Buy rug pad:

Now you know the actual measurement of your rug, choose your favorite rug pad for your rug. Using branded rug pad you can easily flat your rug on the carpet. In any departmental store or super shop, different sizes and shapes of rug pads are available.

Use Carpet tape:

Use double-sided carpet tape to stick your carpet after that you may use a rug pad with your rug. Remember some carpet tape prices little bit high so if you don’t like carpet tape avoid this step. Carpet tape is easy to fit underneath the carpet but leaves sticky residue back part of your carpet.

Lay rug in place:

Now your carpet is completely sticky and ready to use. Now enjoy safe and sticky rug for your room.

How to lay your rug flat?

Now you know how to keep a rug flat on carpet but if you not use carpet under a rug how to keep the rug flat. Here are some simple tips about how to lay your rug flat.

Dampen rug corner and iron:

There are different ways to lay your rug flat, dampening the rug corner is an easy and popular way. Damp your rug corner with a small amount of water and then lay a towel over the rug after that iron rug corner. For damping rug corners you may use a steamer or a wet paper towel or soft sponge. Remember just damp the corner not fully soak the rug corner and never use an iron directly on the rug.

Use masking tape:

If you are a hard floor user use brown masking tape to fix the rug. This tape is most used by painters and easy to remove if compare with double-sided tape. Perfect for wood or tile floors without damaging the floor.

Rug upside-down:

If you have a large rug it’s tough to lay flat but not impossible. Keep the rug upside-down to remove curls in the corner. This system takes a long time but effective and easy. Remember not to walk through the carpet unless upside-down of the rug.

Keep heavy furniture:

It’s another popular and easy way to keep a rug flat. Keep heavy objects on the corner of the rug that will flat the rug corner. If you feel obstacle by heavy objects you will keep phone books or textbooks on the corner of the rug. You can easily move such objects without any hassle. You may also keep potted plants in this area; potted plants make the room attractive.

How do you get a rug to lay flat after being wet?

After washing rugs most of the rugs corner becomes curly. It’s a very common incident and not too hard to solve. Properly dry your rug and then damp the rug corner with a small amount of water. Keep a towel over the rug and use an iron to flatten the corner of the rug. It’s the simple and most effective way to flat a rug after being wet.


If you love to spend much time on the carpet use carpet tape on the whole perimeter of the carpet. Use carpet tape on four sides of the carpet then make an X in the middle. After that make a streamline from the top right corner to the bottom left corner, following a similar manner make another streamline and joint rest leftover corner. Now your carpet is completely safe from slipping and bouncing. While you cleaning the carpet or moving, it will easy to remove tape without damaging the surface. Now enjoy a rug flat on carpet, happy carpeting!!

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