Outdoor Door Mats That Drain Water

Outdoor Door Mats That Drain Water

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Keep indoor floor free from dust, dirt, mud and other outdoor messy use outside doormats. If outside doormats not drain water properly mold, mildew and bacteria will grow under the wet doormat. After a certain time, your outdoor surface is damaged. Keep safe your outdoor surface from wet damage use outdoor door mats that drain water.

Best outdoor mats that don’t hold water

The doormats which are made of strong and durable material suitable for outdoor use. Here are some types of best outdoor door mats that drain water.

Coir doormat:

Coir fiber doormats are durable, lightweight and suitable for outdoor use. Coir doormat made of coconut husk so that mold and mildew not grow under mats. Coconut husk also traps dirt from the show that saves the indoor floor from excess messy. Easy to clean and maintain. Not soak water and properly drain water so that safe for outdoor use.


Rubber is the best doormat for wet areas which easily drain water. Rubber mats are comparatively durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Different sizes, patterns and designs of rubber rugs make your entryway welcoming.


 Polyester doormat made from synthetic material and properly drainage water. Polyester is the best outdoor doormat for wet areas. Unique design, color and shape polyester coolest doormat always keep your outdoor doormat dry.


 Cotton doormat is the most used and popular doormat. Cotton doormat is soft, durable and comfortable under feet. Easy to clean, maintain and less expensive. Although cotton is not the best doormat for water because soaks water. But if you love cotton doormats use a rug pad under the doormat for drainage water.

 What to know before you buy an outdoor doormat?

 Doormat size:

 Ensure your doormats size, normal doormat size 18 by 30 inches. Large doormats size 24 by 36 inches. But if you need more large size doormats than marge two doormats.

 Doormat material:

 Doormat material is one of the major parts. Nylon, polyester, cotton, rubber, straw and coir is the most common doormat material. In a coir doormat, coconut fiber is used so that dirt is easily trapped on it.

 Rubber doormat is soft, durable and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Not fade color in high temperature or sunlight. Drainage water so that mold, mildew and bacteria not grow under doormats.

 Doormat thickness:

 Doormat thickness depends on where you placed the doormat. Low pile or medium pile doormat is suitable for outdoor use. If you use a high pile doormat that interferes with door opening or closing time.

Doormat designs:

Doormat design makes a welcoming environment at home. Different colors, textures, shapes doormats make the outdoor surface unique. Normally flowers, fish or geometric designs doormat popular for outdoor use.

What type quality doormat need for outdoor use?

Anti-slip doormat:

Anti-slip doormats are safe while you wipe footwear. An anti-slip doormat is safe from a sudden accident. Anti-slip doormat comfort under feet and long life span.

Water-resistant doormats:

 Water resistance is popular for multiple reasons. Water-resistance doormat best for in rainy or snowy weather. Water-resistance doormat not soaks water so that bacteria not grow under doormats. Dry quickly that keeps outdoor space always safe.

Doormats with scrapers:

 Doormats with scrapers perfect for high-traffic areas or outdoor use. Scraper brush removes messy from footwear. Scraper doormat most used in muddy or snowfall areas.


 Doormat smell is one of the important factors. Normally rubber or plastic material doormats spread a bad smell. Be aware of the doormat smell before buying.

Color guarantee:

Outdoor doormats tackle lots of messy than an indoor doormat. Outdoor doormats face sunlight, snow, water and many another weather effect. So that after a few months outdoor doormat color becomes fade. Ensure color guarantee before buying a wet doormat for outdoor use.


 Outdoor doormat keeps your indoor floor messy-free. Dust, dirt and mud traps in the outdoor doormat so less messy entire home. The doormats which drain water always keep the entryway dry. So that mold, mildew and bacteria not grow under doormats. Try to use a rubber doormat for the outdoor entryway. The rubber doormat is durable and properly drains water.

Related Question (FAQs)

What types of mats to avoid for outdoor?

All types of outdoor doormats not drain water properly. So we should choose an outdoor doormat that doesn’t hold water.

 The mats which are made of wool, silk, viscose, bamboo-silk, jute and sisal material not drain water. All of these rugs hold water in the rainy season and after a certain time reduce the lifespan of your outdoor surface. Avoid this type of rug for outdoor use.

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