Make Rugs Not Slip

How To Make Rugs Not Slip?

Rug makes standing warm and comfortable at barefoot. Makes floor beautiful and also saves from messy. But the rug becomes dangerous when slips and slides. This incident mostly occurs when crocheted, knitted, woven or non-skid rug backing is placed in hardwood, tiles and marble floor. Here I discuss how to make rugs not slip following some simple steps. All of these rug fixing products are available in hardware stores. Remember all these tips not applicable to every situation. Some tips required periodic reapplication, so see which tips are ideal for your carpet.

How to make rugs not slip?

There are several ways to make rugs not slip without damaging the floor. One of them is the rug gripper method, which secures the rug in place. A quality rug pad is another well-known option. If the floor is hardwood, marble or concrete choose an aggressive adhesive sticky rug pad. That holds the rug on the place and saves your family member from sudden slip.

How to keep rug from slipping:

Here I am shear some easy rug fixing steps, all of these products are available in local hardware stores or super shop. Let’s see in details.

1. Use rug pad:

A rug pad is the most common solution to make a rug not slip. Fix your oriental rugs to hardwood floors without any hassle. Use a quality rug pad otherwise leave a stain on the floor. You get different advantages for using a rug pad. One of them, make vacuum task easy and save the floor from scratch. Sometimes rug pad adhesive contains toxins elements, if toxin spread over home risk for human health. Toxic adhesive damage the wood floor and sometimes cause stain. Most of the rug pads are made from PVC or other plastics. If mysterious adhesives mix with rubber pad it’s turned into toxic. So before buying a rug pad check the manufacturer level. Sometimes long cleaning gaps leave a stain on the floor. For example, if you clean the floor frequently require to pull carpet and rug floor. This process creates air circulation on the floor that saves the floor from leaving stain.

2. Use rolls rubber self liner as a rug pad:

You may use rolls of rubber shelf liner as a rug pad. Expert suggests rolling rubber shelf liner works best than traditional rug pad. The rubber pad which made from nonskid rubber ideal for hardwood floors. Rubber backing rugs move frequently on hardwood, marble or tiles. If you want to learn how to make a rug not slip on hardwood follow this guide. Fix your rug from frequent moves use a rolling rubber self-liner as a rug pad. Rolls liner works best in lightweight rugs, before placing it requires cutting several strips. Measure your rug length and width, now cut the liner to rug size. Gently place the strip on the floor and lay the rug over the strip, try to place the rug fast. This rug placing method is easy, effective and economical. Also safe for hardwood floors, you can’t get this excellent result if you use a cheap rug pad. If you have any doubt about this rug pad check floor underneath twice a month.

3. Use Carpet Tape:

If you want to know how to make a rug not slip on the carpet this step will guide you. Remove carpet from the floor and clean the area. Now leave out to stretch the surface, it’s very important for this task. Unroll half of the carpet, now stick tape double side of the carpet. After carpet placing task cut excess tape.

4. Use felt rug pad:

If you require a better option to fix a rug, you may use a felt rug pad. Secure your rug on the hardwood floor using hands down felt rug pads. Heating rubber and felt material together felt rug made. It’s a natural rug pad making process, so safe for the floor. This natural, nonslip and long lasting felt rug made from recycled plastics, so safe for the environment. Recycled materials main elements are jute fibers. Felt rug pad safe both for floor and carpet, don’t worry about the manufacturer material. Felt rug pad ideal choice for large carpet or if heavy furniture place over the carpet.

5. Natural rubber backing pad:

Choose natural rubber backing rug pads for a small thinner oriental rug. Rubber backing pads performance is great over the floor without damage. Rubber backing rug pad made from plastics and adhesives material, not make any bonding with polyurethane floor. Also safe for hardwood, laminate or bamboo floor. Smartly hold rugs without leaving any stain on the floor. Rubber backing rugs little bit expensive, not contain any harmful chemicals. This long-lasting rug pad is safe for health and wood floor.

6. Use gripper tape:

Use Gripper tape to secure your rug without damaging the floor. Gripper tape backside is sticky which fix rug with the floor. Various length, width, and thickness gripper tape available, pick your desired tape from them. Keep at one inch free space on every side that ensures the security of the rug. This economical rug pad will stay one year on the floor without leaving stain.

7. Hook And Loop Anchors:

Using hook and loop rug anchors prevent rug from slipping. The back side of the anchor is sticky that firmly fixes the rug with small hooks. You need a hammer insert nails or screws through the floor. While you require to move anchor just pull down.

8. Silicone Caulking:

Silicone Caulking rug pad specially designed for laying edges of the rug. Place this amazing rug pad under furniture, sofa and doorway. Make an anti-slip barrier that prevents sudden slip. It’s easy to place, clean and maintain without any hassle.

9. Apply hot glue:

Apply Hot glue under the rug prevents slipping. It’s available in every local grocery or hardware store. It’s easy to remove without damaging the surface. You may use hot glue  underneath furniture to fix them.

10. Rug Pins:

Secure your rug using a rug pin with screws. Choose ¼ inch long size rug pins that not reach flooring or carpet pad. Place rug pin every edge of the rug, it’s easy to remove.

11. Fix corner curling:

Rug curling is a very common fact for a rolling rug. Simply stop this problem using tape on both sides of the rug. While curling will remove rug will not slip.


Most homeowners not have enough knowledge choosing the best rug tape for their carpet. After reading this guide, now you know how to keep a rug from slipping and how to make a rug not slip. If you choose non-branded carpet tape it leaves a permanent stain on the floor. Double-sided carpet tapes are the popular rug fixing step. So fix your rug following guide this at an affordable price

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