Best Outdoor Rugs That Dry Quickly

Outdoor Rugs That Dry Quickly

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Keep outdoor surface safe and dry need fast drying outdoor rugs. Dry outdoor surface saves from sudden slip. Rug dry time much depends on what types of material are used in the rug. Quick drying outdoor rugs are safe for both indoor and outdoor use.

Polypropylene, recycled plastic and olefin rug made of synthetic materials. Synthetic is quick dry outdoor rug than any other types of rug. So that this rug is safe for rainy and snowfall areas. Natural fiber rugs not dry fast like synthetic rugs. Mold, mildew and bacteria not grow under the fastest drying outdoor rug. Keep your outdoor surface always dry, pick up the best outdoor rugs that dry quickly.

Fast drying outdoor rugs:


Polypropylene is often called olefin and the best patio carpet for outdoor use. Polypropylene rugs are soft, durable and comfortable under feet. Not soak water and any type of moisture. Not damage for damp, humid climate or for high footsteps. One of the best fast dry outdoor rugs.

Not grow mold under rugs so that suitable for the rainy season. Not fade color in sunlight and high temperature. Different colors, textures, sizes and designs of polypropylene rugs make your outdoor surface unique.


The polyester rug is damp, humid and stain proofing. Suitable for moderate foot traffic area, so fit for outdoor use. Soft, durable and not fade color in sunlight. Water-resistant so that not grow mold and mildew in wet conditions. Different colors, textures are available, you may use this rug under the outdoor dining table. Fast dry outdoor rugs so that suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Stain-resistant so don’t worry if any stain is visible.


Nylon is one of the most popular fast dry outdoor rugs. Soft, durable and colorfast rug. Make your outdoor stylish and attractive with a unique design. Suitable for both high traffic and moderate traffic area. Not fade color in sunlight and high temperature. Not soak water and properly drain water so that not damage the outdoor surface.


Acrylic rugs are soft, durable and the best outdoor rugs that dry quickly. This rug’s luxurious texture makes your outdoor amazing. Acrylic rugs are cheaper than any other rug. Easy to clean and maintain, suitable for moderate traffic areas. Water-resistant so not to grow bacteria during wet season.

Outdoor Rugs Does and Doesn’t

Outdoor rugs are used in the deck, front porch and balcony. So that outdoor rugs get messy soon than indoor rugs. You need to know what should you do or don’t in outdoor rugs.


  • Pick up stylish rugs that make a welcoming environment at home.
  • To fix outdoor rugs use a rug pad.
  • Choose the perfect size and shape outdoor rugs for your home.
  • Pick up a mold-resistant outdoor rug.
  • Choose bad smell-free outdoor rugs.


  • Not use cotton or jute rug outdoor.
  • Not use slippery rug outdoor.
  • Not keep indoor rugs on an outdoor surface.

What are outdoor rugs made from?

Outdoor rugs which dry fast made of durable, soft and high footsteps withstand elements. Durable outdoor rugs material is slightly different than indoor rug material.

Cotton and natural fiber rugs are typically less popular for outdoor use. Hemp, jute and sisal rugs are soft, durable and comfortable for indoor use. This type of rug not dry quickly and not safe for outdoor use. Mildew will grow if rugs not dry fast.

Polypropylene and polyester are the most used man-made durable outdoor patio rugs. Polypropylene rugs are durable, stain and UV resistant. Polypropylene outdoor rug with holes perfect for wet area. Polypropylene is a quick-dry outdoor mat and also mildew-resistant outdoor rugs. Less expensive, attractive and comfortable under feet.

How to care outdoor rugs that dry quickly?

Outdoor rugs get dirty soon for dust, mud, sand and under-shoe dirt. If use rug pad that prevents mildew grow under the rug and also fix rug.

Use a leaf blower or shake to lose dirt, after that use broom to remove the rest dirt from mold resistant outdoor rug. Remove fine dust using vacuum with a beater bar.

Wipe down rug when a spill occurs on the durable outdoor rug. If spill sits on rugs it’s tough to remove. Use a washing machine or backyard hose while mildew-resistant outdoor rug becomes too much messy. If you use cotton unique outdoor rugs store them before the rainy or snow season.


Outdoor rug symbol of welcoming environment of your home. The best quick dry outdoor rug provide a safe outdoor deck. Regular cleaning increases the life span of rugs. Keep your outdoor safe and messy free use fast drying  outdoor rugs.

Related Question (FAQs)

Can you use outdoor rugs in indoors?

Outdoor doormats are more water-resistant, heat-resistant and fire-resistant than indoor rugs. Also more durable than indoor rugs, if you want you may use outdoor rugs in indoors. But indoor rugs not suitable for outdoor use. Indoor rugs are soft but less durable than outdoor rugs. Indoor rugs not prevent mildew and bacteria.

Best outdoor rug material for rain save your outdoor from damage. Fastest drying outdoor rug suitable for indoor use. So you may use cool outdoor rugs indoor space.

How to maintain an outdoor rug?

Outdoor rugs that dry fast become dirty for many reasons. So outdoor rug and outdoor rug  rain needs proper maintenance.

  • Avoid cotton, jute and all types of natural fiber rug for outdoor use. Natural fiber rugs are not perfect for outdoor rugs and rain. Choose synthetic fibers quick dry outdoor rug in covered porches and patios.
  • Use rug pad on best outdoor rugs which get wet fast. Rug pad reduce the possibility of sudden slip and grow bacteria under the rug. Rug pad needs for both indoor and outdoor y rug.
  • Use heat resistant outdoor rug to keep safe your deck.
  • If any spill occurs remove it immediately. For Deep cleaning use dish detergent with mild warm water.
  • Hang outdoor rugs that dry quickly after every wash. Ensure both sides dry perfectly and then store it.
  • Shake rug fall lose dirt and use leaf blowers for removing fine dust.
  • Store rug before snow season and clean properly rugs before storing them.

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