Best Toilet Rug Alternative

Toilet Rug Alternative

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Bathroom is the most wet surface of every home, every day we spend a certain time in the bathroom. After taking shower we need a soft, plush and warm surface for feet. Different color bathroom rugs make the bathroom stylish. While you are bare feet before sleeping or morning time toilet rug alternative provides comfortable surface.

Bathroom rugs always keep the bathroom dry that prevent sudden slip. Bathroom rugs soak water so that bacteria, mildew not grow. Bathroom rugs keep the bathroom always hygienic.

Pros of Rugs in the Bathroom:

There are different advantages of using a bath mat around the toilet. It’s very confusing question rugs or no rugs in the bathroom which one is best. Here are some advantages of using a rug for the toilet.

Protect floors:

Bathroom rugs protect your feet from cold and protect  floor from wet damage. Hardwood, laminate and vinyl floor damage for excess water. The wood floor absorbs water if always wet with excess water and after a certain time floor will permanently damage. Large rug for bathroom absorbs excess water, warm your feet and increase floor life span. Floor renovation requires money so save your floor from damage using alternatives to bathtub mats.

Safe foot:

While you are barefoot before sleeping or in the morning bath mat alternative warm your foot. Toilet rug alternative soaks excess water from the floor. The excess water sometimes may cause a sudden slip. Anti-slip around the toilet rug save you from sudden accidents.

Comfort and warm:

Bathroom rugs make your shower comfortable and enjoyable. Rug for large bathroom absorbs excess water from the floor. You need a dry surface after taking shower, bathroom rug provides dry surface. Also, prevent mold and mildew spread of home.

Make stylish:

Bathroom rugs change your bathroom look, bathroom turns luxurious and stylish. Bathroom rugs keep your floor hygienic and non-slip.

Are bath mats sanitary?

It depends on the place where you used mats in the bathroom. Mold and mildew make bathroom rugs unhygienic, also high foot traffic makes the bathroom messy. Wash your bathroom mats regularly it keeps bathroom rugs sanitary.

What’s the difference between bath mats & bath rugs?

Make shower comfortable and safe bathroom mats and rugs both are important. There are lots of differences between bath mats and rugs.

What is a bath mat?

Bath mat used in front of bathroom or bathtub or basin. Bath mat made of special material which dries quickly. So that bath mat keeps the bathroom front dry and non-slippery.

What is a bath rug?

Bath rug use inside of the bathroom, not use in front of the bathroom. Bathroom rugs soak excess water from your feet after the shower. You can place bath rugs in any place of the bathroom.

What is the best bath rug material?

Different materials are used for making bath rug. But all types of material are not suitable for bathroom rugs. Here are some suggestions which material is best for a bath rug.


Cotton is the popular bath rug material without any doubt. Cotton rug is soft, durable and dry quickly. The cotton rug is non-slippery and absorbs water fast. Always keep your bathroom front dry and mold-free.


Wool is a moderate popular toilet rug that holds moisture. Quickly absorb water and dry fast. Non-slippery and circulate air under the rug so bacteria now grow.


Chenille rug is soft, durable and absorbs water fast. Keep floor dry, easy to clean and maintain.


Polyester toilet rug alternative absorbs water and dry fast. No rug pad needs to fix this rug and easy to clean.

How to prevent bathroom mold?

Mold and mildew grow fast on wet surfaces so they love the bathroom. They bread fast wet, moist and warm surface. So if not cleaned up properly your bathroom mold and mildew will grow fast.

Proper ventilation is one of the effective way to prevent mold and mildew. Always try to open doors and windows. Turn on bathroom exhaust fans to air out, if you find any leak pipes or faucets fix this. Choose rug for toilets which dry fast that stop bread of mold and mildew.


Toilet rug alternative makes bathroom stylish and luxurious. Absorb excess water and prevent mold, mildew grows. Keep your foot warm and dry from water. Make your shower comfortable and enjoyable choose the best toilet rug.

Related Question (FAQs)

Should you put rug around toilet?

Toilet rug increases toilet interior beauty, always keep toilet dry and mold-free. Comfort your feet while you are bare feet and warm your feet after taking shower. So you should put a rug around the toilet to make your shower enjoyable.

Are toilet mats unhygienic?

If compared with other home mats toilet mats is the most unhygienic. Different germs and bacteria will grow in toilet mats if not cleaned regularly.

How often should you wash your bathroom rug?

The bathroom rug is the most unhygienic and messy rug if compared with other home rugs. If you use a cotton rug wash it once a week. But if you use a rubber rug wash this one day in two weeks.

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