Can You Wash Rugs With Rubber Backing?

Can You Wash Rugs With Rubber Backing?

Rubber backed rugs are nonslip and non staining than any other rugs. So ideal for high footsteps area like porch, kitchen, bathroom and outside. Because of non slip protect you from sudden slip falls. If you want to know how to wash bathroom rugs with rubber backing this guide will be perfect for you.

Rubber backing rugs tackle lots of dust, dirt, mud and other outdoor messy. So required regular basis cleaning, clean rugs decorate your home and save the floor from excess messy. Wash your rubber-backed rugs without damaging them using a washer. Cold water and a small amount of detergent perfect mixture for washing rubber-backed rugs.

How Often Should You Wash Rugs?

Rubber back rugs are most used in bathrooms, kitchen and laundry rooms. Bathroom rugs contain lots of bacteria and mildew due to moisture. The kitchen rug also tackle juice, oil, grease and food spills every day. So it’s a very common question how frequent you need to wash your rugs. It depends on where you place the rug. For high footsteps area wash rug once a week. For two person family members, you require to wash rug after two or three weeks.

How to Wash Rubber Backed Rugs?

Using a washer

Before washing carefully check if any tags cleaning products or washer and dryer recommended for it. Now gently shake the rug to remove loose dirt, dust and other dust particles.
After that keep rug in the top-loading machine. For safety keep towels alongside the rug to make balance. Set the washing time for rug and towels, keep enough space for moving. Washing rubber backed rugs you require a small amount of laundry detergent and tape water. Remember rubber backed rugs require less amount of laundry detergent than any other laundry.

Check cracked or peeling before washing rugs otherwise little pieces clog in machine. Normal tape water and air dry ideal for cleaning rubber rugs. Warm water will warp the rug and reduce the rug lifespan. After washing the rug hang over the railing for air dry. Never store rug before completely dry because mildew will grow in damp rug. Now you know full cleaning process about how to wash rugs with rubber backing, so let’s start your cleaning process.

Can You Wash Rugs With Rubber Backing?

Yes, you can wash rugs with rubber backing without damaging them. Rubber backed rugs are soft, durable and non-slippery than cotton or jute rug. Rubber backing rug most used in front of bathroom, kitchen and outdoor. It’s easy to clean and care rubber backing rugs. Shake fine dust, dirt and outdoor mess from the rug. Then throw the rug in the washing machine and fill it with cold water and a small detergent. If any hair, peeling or dirt are visible remove them otherwise they will clog with in machine. Let air dry carpet after washing task.

How to Hand Wash Your Rugs?

In previous, we discuss how to wash rubber backed rugs using a machine washer without damaging them. If your rubber backed rugs not prefer using a washer clean rug with hand. So let’s discuss

Gently shake to remove fine dust, dirt, food crumbs and other debris. Now prepare a cleaning solution with a full bucket of water and a small amount of laundry detergent. Stir this solution until the bubble makes. Soak rug in this solution but not saturate. Soak the rug for at least 5 to 10 minutes in this solution.

Scrub the rug with a soft-bristled brush couple of minutes. After that take a full bucket of clean water and soak the rug. Clean water removes dirt and soap from the rug. For better cleaning results you may use garden hose to remove dirt. After completing all of this process hand rug overnight to dry.

How To Safely Wash Your Rug Without Damaging:

Check cleaner solution which is safe for your rug before applying on the rug. Otherwise cleaner solutions will damage and decrease life span of rug.
Place some paper towels underneath the rug that save rug from damage. A small amount of warm water perfectly cleans the rug without damaging.

Remove loose dirt from the rug before washing because a huge mess may clog in the washer. Avoid dryer to dry your rubber backed rug. Always allow air dry that safe and natural process of drying rug. Never store rug before completely dry otherwise mildew will grow.


All of this guide learn you how to wash rugs with rubber backing like a professional person. Rug tackle lots of messy every day so required regular cleaning. Rubber backing rug durable and non-slippery so perfect for bathroom and all types wet surface. Regular cleaning increases rubber backed rug lifespan. So clean your rubber backing rugs following our guide.

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