Best Rugs For Office Chairs

Rugs For Office Chairs

Normally rolling chair is the best option for an office or corporate use. Floor will damage soon if there is no protection over the floor. Using rug under a chair is one of the best options to protect floor from damage. Not only chair sometimes high footsteps or excess messy damage office floor. If you are looking rugs for office chairs this article perfect for you.

Why rug for home office with rolling chair is important?

Better office interior keeps people fresh and improves the quality of work. Rugs not only save floors from damage also increase the interior beauty of your office. Save chair wheels from sudden slip and trap messy. Here are some tips on why rugs are important for rolling chairs.

  • The chair wheel easily fits with the carpet so that not any possibility of slipping,  easily move through the floor.
  • Rugs save the chair wheel from a bunch or crease up. It makes your work more comfortable and risk-free.
  • On a hard floor, it’s tough to maintain the chair wheel because the chair wheel becomes slippery. Rugs save floor from  scratch and different  stain.
  • Rugs increase  floor  lifespan .

There are many other advantages of using rugs over floors. But before choice ensure which rugs are best for the floor. Otherwise, it’s damaged your floor surface.

How to adjust office chair with your floors?

Most of the time rugs make your chair wheel move comfortably. What happens if the office chair not fit with your floors?  Solve this type problem here are two ways make adjust office chair with your floors.

Use a rolling chair on the carpet:

If the chair wheel is sinking into the fluffy carpet chair not move properly. Avoid this situation use mats which is suitable for your chair. Mat easily move your chair also save the floor from excess messy.

Use rolling chair on the wood floor:

A rolling chair also best option for wood floors. But fine dust and sand scratch on wood floors. Use rugs or mats under the chair which save the floor from scratch.

Use rolling chair on area rugs:

If you have large office space you may use area rugs. It’s the best option for both home and office. Fold rug if not used, folding rugs not damage floor. Best rugs for office chairs also reduce moving chair sound and make you comfortable. Keep your office dust-free and pretty use area rugs for your office.

What types of rugs suitable for office use?

Strong, durable, waterproof and non-slippery rugs suitable for office use. Here are some types of the mat for office chair which is suitable for office use.

Low pile carpet:

Low pile carpets are the best fit for office use, pile height 1.5 inch is ideal for rolling chairs. Otherwise, the pile will get stuck with a chair.

Cotton rugs:

Cotton rugs are another ideal rug for office use. Cotton rugs fiber is soft so that chair easily move. Cotton rugs are lightweight and easy to maintain.

Oriental rugs:

Original rugs mean all types of wool rugs made of low pile and tight weave. Choose rugs size before laying on the floor otherwise, you need to fold rugs.

What Types of rugs not suitable for office use?

All types of chair mats for carpet are not suitable for office use. List out all of these categories and decore your office for next use.

Natural rugs:

Natural Fiber rugs like seagrass, jute and sisal fiber are comparatively looser than other rugs. Rolling chair stuck into loose fiber so that natural fiber rugs not suitable for office use.

High pile rugs:

High pile rugs are tough to move and maintain, so need special care. On the other hand, high pile carpet is not suitable for high footsteps area. High pile carpet badly damage for excess messy. So avoid high pile carpet for office or corporate use.

High raise pattern:

High raise pattern fiber rugs not suitable for office use. Chair wheel gets stuck in tough of high raise fiber.

What size rug should you choose for your office?

Carpet  increase office interior beauty and make feel better. But which color, size and texture suitable for your office it’s very important. Too small or too large texture design rugs make the floor awkward.

  • Place your rugs in such a way so that rugs cover four corners of the office desk. Sometimes office desks scratch on the floor which reduces floor beauty.
  • Lay down carpet full surface if desk place opposite of the wall. Otherwise, the chair makes a scratch while moving it.
  • Try to keep your furniture four legs on top of the rugs. These tricks save your floor from sudden scratch.

Things to consider when buying rugs for office chair:

Before buying rugs for office chairs some points should follow, let’s start.


Floors type is the major fact before buying rugs for your floor. Pick up durable and non-slippery rugs for rolling chairs. Choose carpet which bottom layer is soft otherwise  scratch will damage floors.


Thickness is another major fact for rugs. Lightweight design rugs are easy to move, maintain and clean. High pile carpet is heavy and chairs are stuck with fiber. So that low pile carpet is the best fit for office use.


Color is an important feature for choosing mats for office use. Too deep or too light color mats make floors awkward. So choose medium-light color mats for your office. Choose a color which hides messy from rugs.


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), waterproof, polycarbonate, and tempered glass are popular rug material. All of this material is suitable for office rolling chairs. This rug’s material also suitable for home use. Choose strong, non-slippery and waterproof  material for office use.


Make your office floor cozy, comfortable and trendy using best rugs on floors. Without rugs, the office floor becomes messy fast. Keep your floor scratch-free use rugs under the rolling chair. Rugs also keep the floor hygienic and non-slippery during wet weather and the rainy season. Choose rugs which are suitable for your floor otherwise floor becomes less attractive.

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