Rugs That Dogs Can’t Chew

Rugs That Dogs Can’t Chew

If your dog is chewing the rugs on your floor, there is a solution for this problem. There are some specific rugs that dogs like chewing or scratching. Some rugs can actually be dangerous for dogs. So you should know which rugs that dogs can’t chew.

In some cases, dogs chew rugs to grind their teeth. Their teeth are so strong that they make holes in the rugs and floors. Some dogs like to lay on these rugs or play with them. The main reason why dogs like chewing rugs is due to the tastes of these rugs. The material of these rugs interesting for dogs and they want to taste them. While buying a rugs for your new house, you should consider the chewing habits of your dog. You have to be careful  because some dogs that like chewing rugs. So don’t let them chew rugs. If you notice that your dog is chewing the rug on any occasion, you should take it away.

Things to consider when buying rugs for dogs:

Most dogs are smart and don’t chew the rugs. Dogs like to taste the materials of rugs so they , chewing or scratching rug. Let’s see some features before buying rugs for dogs:


Some rugs are made from chemical and this flavor attract dogs. But natural fiber rug like  polypropylene, wool or woven cotton rugs not attract dogs. So these fiber rugs that dogs can’t chew.


The color of the rug is another important factor for dog owners. The bright colors take long time to fade. These bright colors are not attractive for dogs and hide dog messy.

Small-sized rugs:

Small sized rugs are easy to clean and move with some simple tools. Bigger rugs are hard to move and cleaning. So you should avoid buying big sized rugs for you dog.

Low pile rugs:

Low pile rugs are quite comfortable for dogs because these rugs are rough and less comfortable for walking.

Some area rugs that dogs won’t chew:

Beige floral area rug:

Beige floral area rug famous because this rug dogs won’t like chew. This rug is made from  100% nylon which hide dog pee, so dog doesn’t soak the rug. Also slip-resistant and waterproof, so perfect for outdoor use. Low-pile rug, light weight design so easy to move.  Stain-resistant and perfect for high traffic area.

Nourison somerset modern rug:

This pretty rug made from polyester and acrylic materials, so hard for your dog to chew on. This rug can be used indoor and outdoor. Easy to clean with some simple cleaning tools. Waterproof, stain-resistant and perfect for high traffic area.

Unique loom baracoa rugs:

This excellent rug soft and comfortable for dog. Made from durable materials but tough for your dog to chew on. Stain-resistant, mold, and mildew resistant so perfect for outdoor use. The soft texture and colorful design make your room more attractive.

Why puppy chewing the carpet?

One of the most common questions pet owners ask is how to stop a dog from chewing on the carpet. There are several reasons a dog chewing on carpet. It could be boredom, separation anxiety, or teething. If your dog chews the carpet for one or more of these reasons then here are some tips to prevent them from chewing the carpet.

Take care puppy teeth:

When your puppy chews on the carpet it helps remove the sharp edges of his/her teeth. You can play with them, give them toys or use a chewing treat for puppies. This will discourage them to chew on the carpet and not your furniture.

Burning excess energy:

When dog not do enough exercise they burning of excess energy chewing the carpet. You can give them a game of fetch or a walk with the ball outside.

Relieving stress:

When dog is under stress or suffer from, they chewing the carpet that will help them relieve stress. There are some relaxation remedies for dogs like  tummy massage, face massages, etc.

How can i stop my puppy from chewing the carpet?

Well there is no magic answer for that question. There are basically two things need to stop dog from chewing the carpet. First, you should find what is the actual cause for puppy chewing the carpet. Second, you take proper step to prevent this habit. Take your dog to the nearby vet, vet may perform a physical examination. After that start treatment as per vet’s advice.


Dogs like to lay on rugs and floor because these materials are softer and comfortable than other materials. But if your dog likes chewing some rugs, you should consider the above mentioned tips before buying new rugs. Some dogs like chewing bright colored rugs, so you should keep these factors in mind while shopping new area and wall to your home. Choose the material and color that your dog can’t chew.

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