Rugs That Cats Can't Destroy

Rugs That Cats Can’t Destroy

Every pets over unconditionally love their cat but don’t love pets unpleasant activities. After proper caring when cats  destroy rugs it’s really frustrating and costly problem. Rug destroying is very common problem that many cat owners have already deal with. It’s not easy to find a solution that solve your cat rugs destroying problem.

Why cats claw and destroy rugs?

Cats are generally not destructive by nature. They do it because when they feel bored, or they see something interesting, or they want to sharpen their teeth. Let’s see some common reason why cat’s destroy rugs.

Health problem:

When pet suffer heath problem or illness they become destructive. Due to illness cats want to destroy everything in the house including their bed and furniture. So if you see your cat doing unusual activities you need to visit vet.


Cats love to play and if they are bored, they will look for something interesting and fun. If you keep your cat in room all the time, cats start playing with rugs and sometimes destroy them. It’s very important to keep your cat active and entertained for healthy living.


Cats communicate mostly by the pounce or scratch. They use it for telling their owner what they want, what’s wrong with them or if they are angry.

Things to look out before buying a rug that cats can’t destroy:


When you are choosing a rug for your cat first thing you need to look the material of the rug. Many materials like wool and cotton are soft for cat’s paws and non- toxic so you can go for them. These types of materials can’t be attacked by cat’s claws and it’s very easy to clean.


You also need to choose washable rugs for your cats. You need to choose a rugs that not only easy to clean with water but also easy to wash in machine.


You also need to choose cut-pile rugs because cats love them. It’s difficult for cat to destroy cut-pile rugs. Most of these rugs are water and stain resistant so easy to maintain. You can clean these rugs with water and mild soap.


If may choose dark color rugs for your cats. Dark color hide cat’s hair and pee,  so it’s easy to maintain.


You also need to choose light weighted rugs because they are easy to clean. Price: To add more features to your rug, you need to choose expensive rugs that are made with durable material and has many features.

Durable rugs that cats can’t destroy:

Cat scratch proof rugs should be made with tough material. Durable Rugs are also easy to maintain. Not every afford durable rugs but we have some tips and tricks that can help you find durable rugs for your cats. So let’s see some easy ways to find durable rugs that cats can’t destroy:

You need to look at rug’s structure. If the rug is made of strong material, then it will last long and will not be attacked by cat’s claws. You may choose Wool rugs for your lovely cat. Wool is soft and comfortable for your cat and easy to clean. Wool fiber rug made from natural fiber so safe for pets. Stain resistance, not attract dirt and hide pet messy. It’s washable also perfect for outdoor use.

Sisal is another best rugs for cats and known as cat proof rugs. Sisal is made from natural fiber, very strong and water resistant. Suitable for all weather conditions including rain, snow and high temperature. Soft, comfortable and hard to chew for cats.

Ikea rug is durable and tough  so cats can’t destroy. You can choose rug with non-slip pad to prevent scratching your floor. Ikea is a great for lightweight and affordable price.


Keep in mind that cats are natural hunters. So you have to keep them active and entertained. You need to provide your cat healthy food and lots of toys for playing. If you choose durable rugs that cats won’t destroy. Cat owners need to collect more information about rugs before buying a rug. If you choose durable and tough material rugs for your cats, you have peace of mind when your cat is around rugs.

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