Carpet Pad For Basement

Carpet Pad For Basement

Installing a carpet without carpet pad in basement is not safe. Because basement floor is comparatively damp and slippery.  If you align carpet without pad it will prematurely deteriorate, or wrinkle over time. Insulate your floor and reduce noise levels that ensure silence environment. Before buying carpet pad for basement you may consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for better result.

Why carpet pad density is important?

Carpet pad density is very important because it acts as a barrier. It also determines how much noise will be transmitted to the floor. A higher density carpet pads will provide more cushion and more than a lower density pad. Soft density carpet pad suitable for less traffic areas and high-density pad suitable for medium to high traffic area. Let’s see some example:

For entryway:

Entryway carpet  is replaced frequently for lots of foot steps, wear and tear. So entryway  carpet pad density rating should be five to six pounds.

Medium traffic:

In medium traffic areas carpet pad density rating should be between seven to ten pounds.

High traffic:

High foot traffic area like  hallways, porch or stairs require special care. High traffic areas carpet pad density rating should be between eleven to fifteen pounds.

What thickness of carpet padding for basement is best?

Before buying carpet pad you should know how thick a carpet pad is. Most of the people think thick pads better than thin pad. But this assumption not true, most of the time thick carpet pad develops wrinkle. For entryway or apartment carpet you may use 3 to 8 inch carpet pad. For high footsteps area like hallways you may choose 7 to 16 inch carpet pad.

How improve basement air quality?

It is true that air quality in basement is not good. So when you install new carpet in basement you should be aware. For better air quality you should avoid polyurethane carpet cushion. But if you see your polyurethane carpet pad not contain any harmful ingredient you may use this. Always choose breathable carpet pad for basement. Breathable carpet pad always safe for basement floor.

Reasons you need a carpet pad in your basement:

Keep feet warm:

Concrete basement floors is comparatively hard, damp and cold. Being cold in winter season is a great drawbacks of concrete basement floors. Carpet pad acts as a insulation between your carpeting and concrete subfloor. That keep your feet warm even you are bare foot.

Provide comfort:

Carpet pad increase the level of comfort to your feet. Concrete floor is hard so you will not get enough comfort if not use carpet pad bottom of the carpet. If you enjoy your leisure time in basement with your kids and pets carpet pad provide soft touch. Baby will not injure if slip on floor because carpet pad hold rug in place.

Ensure protection:

Some carpet fiber not safe for concrete basement. If carpet leave any stain on basement use carpet pad for protection. Choose  quality pad if you don’t want to waste money on replacing carpet pad every month.

What is the purpose of a waterproof basement carpet pad?

Waterproof basement carpet pad is a necessity in every home. It prevents moisture from subfloor to carpet. It also protects basement floor from water damage, mildew and bacteria. A waterproof basement carpet pad creates a nice cushioned surface for walking, jogging or exercising. This prevents sudden injuries like slipping or falling.  A waterproof basement carpet pad reduce the noise created by walking or playing. This will help you to enjoy leisure time without disturbing others.

Should you put padding under carpet in basement?

Yes, you should  put padding under carpet in basement. It also protects carpet from moisture and mildew. Sometimes moisture makes your carpet pad deteriorate. So need to clean and replace carpet pad after a certain time. If you want to use your carpet pad long time choose a  medium to high density rating pad.


If you love to spend your leisure time in basement, you should use breathable carpet pad. Carpet pad for basement is not a luxury it is a necessity. So always try to buy quality and durable carpet pads for proper protection of your floor. You may also use vinyl or rubber carpet pads for better result. If you want to know more about carpet pad density rating you may check on internet or local store. You should always ask manufacturer before buying carpet pad for basement.

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