Non Toxic Nursery Rugs

Non Toxic Nursery Rugs

Our time with our newborns makes us happy and make unconditional bond. Choose non-toxic  rugs for your baby which made from natural fiber like cotton or wool. Natural fiber rug is safe than other fabrics and smell also better.  If you are not sure about the color or texture, you can choose a neutral one.

Natural fiber rugs provide soft touch when our babies playing in floor. Natural fiber is provide warm in the winter season even you are bare foot. If you want to decorate your baby room with stylish, non-toxic and cute rugs you have lots of options. Based on your budget, you can find different styles of rugs for your baby room. There are lots of designs for non-toxic rugs for your children room. You can choose animal or something else related with baby theme. Let’s see some non toxic rugs for nursery.

How do I choose a rug for my nursery?

Picking nursery rug process little bit different than decorating adult room. Nursery rugs style, design and texture much different than regular rug. Rug fiber, softness, safety and  comfort is also an important feature. If your baby have allergy you should avoid synthetic material rug. Because synthetic material will make some problems like asthma or other allergic reactions.

While your baby playing on the floor and you should ensure  healthy environment. There are many kinds of rugs for adult, but how do you choose rug for your baby? We are going to share some tips and information about how to choose non toxic rugs for nursery.

Best type of rug for a nursery:

Rugs are available in different fiber, texture, designs and styles. You can choose non toxic material like wool, sisal or cotton. Wool rug is very popular most of the countries. You can find different types of styles, design and texture for wool rugs. If you love to decorate your kid’s room with cute animals or pink princess you can go with wool rugs for nursery.

Like wool rug sisal fiber rug also safe for kids. Sisal rug come in different types of styles, design, texture and color. If you have limited budget you can go with sisal rug. Other type of non toxic rug material is cotton. Cotton provides soft feeling and keep warm in winter.

What size works well for a nursery?

If you have limited space, you may choose small size rugs for nursery. Small size rug make your baby room cute and and pretty. Small size of rug is easy to clean and store.

For large room choose large size rug or wall to wall carpet. Large size rug will cover your floor and make room stylish. Wall to wall carpet is also good alternative of large size rug. If you have enough money and space buy a large rug for your baby room. Some ideas about non toxic rugs for baby room:

Alphabet rug:

This kind of rug is very popular among kids room. You can find many different styles and designs for alphabet rug. You can choose colorful alphabet rug for your baby’s room. If you love to decorate your room with neutral color you can go with white, grey or black.

Neutral geometric rug:

Neutral geometric rug add royal touch to any room, especially a nursery room. The texture of geometric rug is also very soft and smooth. Most of the geometric rug come in various color and styles. Neutral geometric rug made from natural materials so safe for baby.

Thick shag rug:

If your baby love to play on floor thick shag rug is perfect for your baby. This rug is machine washable and don’t shed after washing. Just like wool rug, thick shag rug is warm and soft.

Cloudy shag rug:

For baby playroom you may choose cloudy shag rug. This rug is enough soft and comfortable  for your baby room. Make tour baby room unique and stylish choose cloudy shag rug.

Moon & stars rug:

Moon & Stars rug is very cute for nursery. You can choose different colors, styles and designs moon & stars rug. The light color design of moon & stars rug make your baby room bright and colorful.

Lion wool area rug:

If you want something fancy and stylish, then you should go with lion wool area rug for baby room. This type of  rug is mostly used in family house or home. The design of lion wool area rug is very unique and stylish.

Blanket rug:

blanket rug is very popular and common in other countries. European country prefer this kind of rug. The texture of blanket rug is very soft so comfortable for your baby. If you have limited budget, choose blanket rug for your baby’s room.


The most important thing to consider while choosing rug for a nursery is safety.  If your baby have sensitive skin you should avoid synthetic material like nylon or acryl. Choose non toxic rug like wool, sisal or cotton for your baby room. Baby rugs play an important role in your baby’s life. You should select safe and comfortable rug for your baby. Synthetic material is not recommended because they are not safe for kids. Natural fiber rugs is safe, stylish, cute and comfortable. Other than that you can decorate your baby’s room with neutral color or cute animal theme rug. If you love to decorate your room with different style and design, you can go with geometric, moon & stars or cloud star rugs.

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