How To Get Green Mold Off Outdoor Rug?

How To Get Green Mold Off Outdoor Rug?

Outdoor rugs tackle lots of traffic, outdoor messy and tear. So most of outdoor rugs are made from enough strong material. Outdoor rugs are made of 100% impervious material. This material can prevent mold from growing on an outdoor rug. But if you not take care of your rug mold will grow rug after a certain time.  There are different ways to clean mold from your outdoor rug. If you have seen the black stinky smell coming from your outdoor rug you should immediately clean your rug.

Why do outdoor rugs grow mold and mildew?

There are several reasons why outdoor rugs will grow mold and mildew. The first one is that the rug was not cleaned correctly or the rug is cleaned but not dried completely. The second reason is because of the material of your rug. If you have a cotton outdoor rug mold will grow fast. Cotton rugs can absorb all moisture from outside. If your rug aligns in wet for a longer time, mildew will grow fast. If the rug is placed in a damp and humid place bacteria will grow. If you notice

circular stains of brown, green, or black, your rug is attacked by mold. This stain spread a bad smell if not fast. Mold is harmful to pets, kids, and adults person who are allergy-affected people.

How to remove mold from outdoor rugs?

What happens when outdoor rugs grow mold or how to get green mold off outdoor rug? If you want to remove mold from outdoor rugs you have to follow the below tips.

Use bleach solution:

To remove mold from outdoor rugs you can use bleach paste. Remove all loosen messy from rug for better result gently shake rug. After that prepare a solution with bleach and water. Pour it into a spray bottle and apply to the affected area. After that clean area with clean water, bleach is very effective against mold. But this solution is not safe if your rug is placed over the rug because bleach is harmful to plants and grass.

Apply baking soda and vinegar mixer:

Clean your rug following the above steps, this method is safe for plants and grass. Take a spray bottle and pour on it one part vinegar and three parts water. Mix them properly while little bubbles form it’s ready to use. Now spray vinegar and baking soda solution on your rug, you can spray it twice a day. Baking soda will remove mold and mildew from any rug easily. Vinegar is antibacterial and acidic so quickly attacks bacteria.

How do you prevent mold from growing on outdoor rugs?

There are many ways to prevent mold from growing on your outdoor rug. Save your yard from the high humidity and moisture. In wet weather store a rug that prevents growing mold. Store your rug in a cool and dry place. After every deep cleaning perfectly dry rug under the sun. Not left rug in rain or snow that will attract bacteria and mold. If your pets pee on the carpet clean immediately otherwise bad smell spread and attracts bacteria.

How to clean outdoor rug with algae?

There are many ways to remove algae from the outdoor rug. One effective way is to keep the rug outside in the sun. If you keep the rug for four hours in the sun mold will kill algae. Now Vacuum or sweep dead algae and trash it. If any algae are still visible scrub them with dish soap and water. This process is safe for all types of rug fiber.

Does polypropylene get moldy?

Polypropylene is made from synthetic material so resistant to water. It’s also resistant to fungus and mildew. If your rug is solution-dyed it’s safe for outdoor use. So if you use a polypropylene rug outdoor it easily prevents mold.

Does mold grow under outdoor rugs?

Mold can grow in any place inside and outside your house. If you see a black or brown stain on outdoor rugs you should clean it immediately. There are many reasons why mold grows under the outdoor rug. You should always check under the rug especially if you place the rug on a wet surface. If your rug has been used for a long time keep it away from direct sunlight, it will start to attract mold, mildew, and fungus.


Outdoor rugs need some special care and treatment. You already know about how to get mold off outdoor rugs. If you follow the above tips you can prevent mold from growing on your outdoor rug. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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