Which Side Of Rug Pad Goes Down?

Which Side Of Rug Pad Goes Down?

Rug makes your home pretty and attractive. You can get many designs and colors of rugs to decorate your home. Rug also protects the floor from scratch and high footsteps. Keep rug in place rug pad is used under the rug. So rug pad also provides protection for your floor. When you buy a new rug, there are several steps to keep it in place. In this article, we will discuss the basic guideline of rug pad installation and which side of the rug pad goes down.

Why installed rug pad?

Rug top layer is soft and comfortable but the bottom layer is rough. While using a rug pad avoids damage to the bottom of the rug. The wood floor is slightly sensitive, some rug leaves a stain on the floor if you use a rug pad it saves the floor from rug damage. The rug pad also keeps your rug in place without damaging the surface. Protect floors from wear caused for excess footsteps.

Which side of rug pad goes down?

When you buy a new rug pad they usually come with adhesive on one side. When you install or lay down the rug, the pad with the adhesive goes down. Another indication will be shiny or smoother side goes up and comparatively, rough side goes down.

How to install a rug pad?

Remove large dirt like paper, baby toys, household messy and fine dust from the floor. Move all furniture from the work area after that decide which angle and position are best for placing the rug. Now check which side of the rug pad is soft and smooth, keep a smooth layer top side. If you are confused check the manufacturing guideline. Let’s see some popular rug pads for flooring:

Jute rug pad:

The jute rug pad is one of the most popular rug pads made from jute fiber. It’s very soft and keeps the rug in place well without any leaving a stain on the floors. You can use a jute rug pad for carpeting and hard flooring. You must clean the floor properly before installing to avoid scratches on the floor surface.

Carpet rug pad:

This carpet pad has two sides one is a rubber side and another is a softer side. When placed on the floor rubber side goes up and the softer side goes down. This excellent rug pad holds the rug in place and safe the floor from tears.

PVC rug pad:

PVC rug pad is fire retardant and soft. It’s safe for all flooring and easy to clean. This rug pad is manufactured from durable materials. This rug pad reduces the damage to your flooring and keeps the rug pad in place. PVC rug pads are fairly similar to rubber rug pads. Which soft side goes down and pattern layers go upwards.

Felt rug pad:

Felt rug pad is made from synthetic material that keeps your floor safe from stains and damage. This rug pad is best for hardwood floors or a carpeted area. To use it you need to cut it into appropriate size, then align the adhesive layer on the bottom side.

Rubber rug pad:

Most popular rug pad and safe for all types of flooring. Made from natural fiber and eco-friendly. Rubber rug pad soft side goes down and pattern layers go upwards.

Memory foam rug pad:

Memory foam rug pad is one of the most popular and softest to use. It’s normally made from memory foam. Check which side of the carpet pad is soft and smooth lay up of your flooring.

How to place rug pad on wood floor?

Before using a rug pad on flooring properly clean the floor. Remove all furniture that ensures safe work. Select a rug pad that is suitable for your floor. Modern rug pads have adhesive on one side. Which side is soft keep the top and the gripper side keeps the bottom. If you are confused check the manufacturing guideline. Never install a rug pad on a wet or damp floor. Make sure your floor is completely dry before installing a rug pad on the floor.  Now you know which side of the carpet pad goes down so start your task.


When you buy a new rug pad it’s important to place it the right way. Every rug pad has two sides one is soft and the other is rough side. Which is soft goes down and which side is rough goes up. Buy a quality rug pad for your home safety. You can follow the manufacturer’s guidelines before installing the rug pad.

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