Synthetic Carpet For Basement

Synthetic Carpet For Basement

Carpet is a great floor covering for a basement floor. Carpet gives you a soft touch, safe feet from cold, and saves the floor from damage. If a basement is very uneven carpet level surface without any difficulty. Synthetic carpets are the most popular choice for the basement. There are many synthetic carpets available in the market, but there are some characteristics of synthetic carpets which you should consider before buy.
In the category of synthetic carpets, you can find a different range of prices and quality. You should buy a carpet that is long-lasting and require less maintenance. Durability of the synthetic carpet is very important. Synthetic carpets absorb moisture and keep the basement dry. They don’t transfer water to the subfloor, so they prevent floor damage. Your carpet should be soft and feels like a thick rug. It’s not recommended to buy a thick pile carpet with dense fiber.

Best carpet fibers for a basement:

Carpet comes in two different types one is synthetic (man-made) fibers and another one is natural fibers. Synthetic fibers are based on plastic material, but natural fibers come from plants. Natural fibers such as wool, jute, and polestar. Natural fiber carpets have better water absorption than synthetics.

Synthetic carpet:

Synthetic fibers are made from plastic materials so resist mold and mildew. Most popular synthetic fiber is nylon, polypropylene, and olefin. Synthetic rug popularity highly increased in the past years. They are easy to clean than natural fiber. Synthetic carpets are the most economical choice, you will get good quality synthetic carpets at a reasonable price. Most popular brands of synthetic carpets are Mohawk, Shaw, and SC Johnson.

Natural carpets:

Natural fibers such as wool, jute, and silk are most popular. Natural fibers are available in different colors. Natural fibers are strong, durable, and absorb water. Natural fibers rug are less suitable for basement use because it attracts mildew and bacteria.

What is the best synthetic carpet to use in a basement?

There are three different types of synthetic carpet best for basement use, these are nylon, polyester, and triexta. They are resistant to mildew, fungi, bacteria and are not slippery as silk or wool fibers. But one of the major problems of this rug is they become fades in presence of sunlight. If you place the rug in the basement don’t worry because basements have little or no sunlight.

Durability of rug much depends of purpose of uses. If you use a basement rug for general entertainment choose a nylon carpet. Nylon carpets are soft, and durable but absorb less moisture. If you have a pet or baby, a nylon carpet is not recommended for you. Because nylon carpets are less resistant to stain or spill.

Softness is a very important feature of the basement because most of the basement is made of concrete. Triexta is another best synthetic carpet that smartly resists moisture and stain. You can place triexta in a high traffic area also suitable for the staircase of the basement. Higher price is one negative point of triexta rug.

Polyester carpet is soft and works better over concrete. Perfect for high footsteps and basement area. Polyester carpet is thinner than nylon or Triexta so easy to maintain. If you want to buy a cheap synthetic carpet, polyester is the best choice.

Why carpet require a carpet pad?

Carpet pad is mandatory if the surface is damp, uneven, or slippery. Carpet pad will hold the carpet in place and save it from sudden slip. If carpet fiber is not suitable for the floor or leaves a stain on the surface carpet pad solves this problem. There are different types of carpet pads available in the market.

Can you put carpet in a basement?

Yes, you can place carpet in a basement. Carpet gives you a soft touch, safe feet from cold, and saves the floor from damage. Carpeting in the basement will save you from sudden slip, cold, and water damage. Carpet also decorates your basement, choose synthetic fiber carpet like nylon or polyester. Generally, a basement is free from sunlight so don’t worry about color fading. Carpet pad is required under the carpet if the floor surface is slippery or uneven.


Carpet is the best floor covering for the basement floor. If you buy a cheap synthetic carpet it will damage soon wear and tear. Clean your basement floor properly before installing carpet. If your basement is damp choose synthetic carpet. If you want to protect basement from water damage it will be better if use a sealer.

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