Are Jute Rugs Easy To Clean?

Are Jute Rugs Easy To Clean?

Jute rug is durable, soft and made from natural fiber. A wide range of colors, textures and designs of jute rugs make your room attractive. Before shopping jute rug, if you know are jute rugs easy to clean? It makes your shopping enjoyable. Jute rugs require less maintenance than any other natural rugs. From here learn about easy ways to clean jute rug.

Do jute rugs stain easily?

Jute rug does not stain easily but old stains are slightly tricky to remove. Jute rugs don’t absorb stains so it’s easy to permanently remove stains. For removing old tough stains prepare a cleaning solution. Take the same amount of water and vinegar, mix them properly make a thick paste. Apply these solutions to the affected area and wait a few minutes. Take a damp cloth to remove the stain never soak the rug.

Are jute rugs easy to clean?

Yes, a jute rug is easy to clean just requires a regular vacuum. For removing simple stains use a carpet cleaning solution to wipe down stains. Jute rugs are made from natural fiber so contain a minimum amount of DIY chemicals than polyester or nylon rug. Jute rugs are more softer than any other natural fiber rugs. Jute rugs absorb moisture so not perfect for outdoor use.

Jute rugs are woven so use brush attachment during vacuum rugs. The vacuum brush easily pulls out fine dust, dirt and pet messy from the rug. After deep cleaning hangs the rug or keeps outdoor under sunlight. Never store wet rug because mildew will grow in the wet rug. Remove old tough stain by applying the same amount of water and white vinegar solution.

Can You Wash Jute Rugs?

Now you know about the jute rugs cleaning method. You can easily clean a jute rug without any professional person. It will be better if you avoid washing jute rugs. Jute rugs take a long time to completely dry. Sometimes mold and mild will grow if the rug is not kept under sunlight. Watermarks will visible on the jute rug, sometimes rug color turns deep for washing. Now you know is jute easy to clean so don’t worry about the jute rug cleaning method.

Are jute rugs durable?

Yes, jute is soft, durable and ideal for high traffic areas. Made from natural fiber so completely safe for human health. Not release any DIY chemical while getting wet. Easy to clean and maintain, just require regular vacuuming.

Do jute rugs wear well?

The jute rug is soft and comfortable so ideal for living room, dining room and bedroom space. Keep your feet warm even if you are barefoot. Not hold dust so safe for allergy and asthma affected people. Enough strong not wear and tear like other rugs. A wide range of colors, designs and textures in jute rug make your home dramatic and colorful. Light color jute rugs with beige wall make the room looks bigger.

How long do jute rugs last?

A jute rug is enough strong and more durable than any type of natural fiber rug. Made from natural fiber not ruined if placed in high traffic areas. The lifespan of a jute rug is one to five years without any repairing. But ensure the rug placing surface is dry and mold-free. Avoid washing the rug because rug fiber turns deep color after washing. Not place rug in outdoor because rug absorb moisture so mildew easily grows and spread over the rug.


If you get an odd smell after unpacking the rug it’s normal. This smell is little bit odd than any other rugs. It’s the smell from the plant where it was made, so don’t worry if you already experienced this smell. If the rug is placed in the air this unpleasant smell will be permanently removed.

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