How To Clean Jute Rug Pet Stain?

How To Clean Jute Rug Pet Stain?

The jute rug is one of the best natural fiber rugs ideal for indoor, outdoor and high traffic areas. Weekly cleaning keeps the jute rug stain-free. Being natural not contain any harmful chemicals. Safe for human health, baby and pets. Remember jute rug doesn’t handle moisture so if you throw damp jute rug mildew will grow. If you are a pet owner need to learn how to clean jute rug pet stain? Here I am shear cleaning jute rugs pet stain step by step. So let’s read the best way to clean a jute rug.

How to clean jute rug pet stain?

Pet stain is a very common fact in jute rugs so don’t worry if you see pet stain on your jute rug. From this guide, you will learn how to clean dog pee from jute rug, how to clean jute rug dog urine, how to clean a jute rug dog pee, how do you clean a jute rug and how to clean jute rug dog pee in detail. Remove all paper, toys and all furniture from the rug. Then move the rug outside of the room because air required for cleaning the jute rug.

Wipe stain:

Wipe down stain immediately after occur with a soft clean cotton cloth or paper towel. Use a paper towel until moisture not absorbed. Now stain is solid so use a disposable plastic knife to remove stain. If you want to know how to get stains out of a jute rug follow this step.

Use vacuum cleaner:

Vacuum the rest of the stain to remove the bad smell and fine particles. If a pet urinates it’s spread a bad odor through the rug, so using a vacuum is very important.

Make cleaning solution and apply:

Make a cleaning solution with same amount of white vinegar and water. Pour solution on the spray bottle and apply on the stained area. You may use enzyme cleaner instead of vinegar. Scrub the area with a soft brush, if the stain is visible repeat this process again.

Let dry rug:

After removing the stain keep rug outside. Sunlight will dry the rug and remove pet odors. If you have a question about how to spot clean a jute rug, how to clean jute rug stain or how to spot clean a jute rug, follow this cleaning process. It’s safe and effective for cleaning any jute rug.

How to clean a jute rug?

Cleaning a Jute rug isn’t too hard a task, you require simple cleaning tools with desired cleaning solution. These steps related to

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So let’s start the cleaning task.

  • Remove all unnecessary things from the rug like paper, toys, and furniture. Wipe stain before sit in a rug, use a paper towel to soak excess moisture.
  • Sprinkle soda to prevent spills into the stain. Dry affected area with a hair dryer or oscillating fan, otherwise moisture will damage jute fiber. Allow sit soda overnight, it’s removed pets odor.
  • ​Vacuum the soda properly, if see the rug opposite side also affected by a pet stain, sprinkle some baking soda on the rug opposite side. Leave the stain for 2 to 3 hours to soak and then vacuum the area. Now enjoy stain and odor-free jute rug.

Can you power wash a jute rug?

Jute rug made from Natural fiber so safe for indoor and outdoor floor. If you soak jute rug into water it’s fiber release oils. That badly damaged rug bonding, something mildew will grow for a long time wet. So avoid power washing jute rug during cleaning time.


Jute rug not hold moisture or water, not suitable for damp surfaces. Place jute rug always in dry surface otherwise rug fiber permanently damage. Avoid all types of harsh chemicals and steam cleaners. Steam cleaner hot steam warp rug within a few minutes. Regular basis cleaning best for jute rug without damaging.

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