Can You Vacuum Jute Rugs

Can You Vacuum Jute Rugs?

Jute rugs are made from natural fiber, safe for human health and the environment. Jute rugs are biodegradable and easily recycled without ruining fiber. Jute fiber absorbs moisture so mildew easily develops on rugs. Rug tackles lots of messy every day so required regular cleaning. Before cleaning a jute rug, you should know can you vacuum jute rugs? Let’s discuss details about how to clean a jute rug without a professional person.

Why is my jute area rug so smelly?

Jute fiber does not release chemicals after getting wet. Sometimes smell comes out from the jute rug and it’s unexpected. This time customer being confused why does my jute rug get so smelly? There is some reason for such smell, jute is a tropical plant after some steps jute rug will prepare. Soak in water 10 to 15 days after that jute turn into the steaky loom. This will be one reason for such an unexpected smell.

Jute rugs absorb water and moisture from the floor. Fiber can’t release this and moisture traps in a rug. So mildew will grow and unexpected smell spread all over home.

How to clean jute rug in washing machine?

Remember jute rug isn’t a washable rug like others. Jute rugs take lots of time for drying so avoid jute rugs for washing. Most of the light color jute rugs turn deep color after washing. For continuous washing jute fiber becomes loose and rug lifespan will decrease.

Can you vacuum jute rugs?

Yes, you can vacuum jute rugs without ruining fiber. A vacuum is an essential part of jute rug cleaning. Let’s see the full process of how to clean a jute rug with a vacuum.

If place a jute rug high footsteps area vacuum rug at least once a week. For medium to low footsteps area rug clean the rug with a vacuum twice a week. Vacuum rug at the lowest power level that is safe for jute rug.

Vacuum under the rug that prevents the growth of mold and bacteria. Vacuum the rug every few weeks that keep the rug fresh and new look.

How to spot clean a jute rug?

The jute rug is more sensitive than the man-made rug. Check manufacturer instructions before applying any cleaning agents.

Wipe down the spot:

After occurring spot immediately wipes down spot with a clean cloth. Don’t rub the spot otherwise spot turn tough, continue blotting until the cloth soak.

Remove the spot:

Now remove the spot with homemade cleaning ingredients. Avoid using traditional carpet cleaner otherwise, rug fiber will ruin. Take the same amount of warm water and laundry detergent. Soak a clean cloth on this solution and blot the stain. Hopefully, warm water firmly removes the stain without ruining the fiber. Repeat this process to permanently remove the spot.

Remove red wine and tomato sauce:

Prepare a solution with club soda and water, take 50/50 amount of club soda and water. Mix them and soak a clean cloth in the solution. Gently blot the stain like the previous step.

Let dry the spot:

Sometimes water makes stain on jute jugs, so let the spot completely dry. Use a blow dryer or oscillating fan to dry the spot. Now enjoy a spot-free jute rug without a professional person.

Can you vacuum a braided jute rug?

Yes, you can vacuum a braided jute rug. A braided jute rug makes your home stylish and attractive. Jute rug perfect for indoor, semi-outdoor and high traffic areas. Absorb moisture so not perfect for outdoor use. Vacuum indoor braided jute rug once a week. If place the rug semi-outdoor or high footsteps area vacuum the rug twice a week. Before vacuuming the rug collect paper, hair and all large dirt from the rug otherwise dirt will clog the vacuum engine.


A jute rug is stylish, durable and better than a man-made rug. Not contains any harmful chemicals so safe for kids. Easy to clean and maintain if use proper cleaning tools. Safe for all floors and semi-outdoor surfaces. Regular vacuuming with low power keeps the jute rug always a new look and fresh. Decorate your home with a stylish jute rug following our cleaning tips.

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