Rugs That Look Like Jute But Don't Shed!

Rugs That Look Like Jute But Don’t Shed!

Natural rugs are always a hot topic in the interior and exterior design community. Like foods and cosmetics people always trust organic ingredients product. Popular natural rugs are jute, seagrass, sisal and hemp. All of these rugs do not contain any harmful chemicals. Natural rugs that look like jute but don’t shed make your room gorgeous. Let’s see some non-shedding jute rugs for your interior.

Determine Your own Needs:

Before buying a natural fiber rug keep in mind rug placement, area. If your baby play on the rug avoids stiff fiber rug. Dark shade rugs hide stains and keep the rug fresh look.

  • Place strong, durable and water-resistant rugs in a high-traffic area. Stain resistance rugs are best for hallways, entryways and outdoor surfaces. A high pile rug is best for entryway and outdoor space. Traps shoe dust, dirt and outdoor messy.
  • For medium traffic, rooms choose a medium or low pile rug. Medium traffic room not messy fast and does not require frequent cleaning.
  • For Low-traffic rooms choose a low pile rug or carpet. Where you spend leisure time choose a light color rug for that room. Light color rugs with a soft touch keep your feet warm.

Rugs that look like jute but don’t shed:


Sisal rug’s popularity increases day by day for it’s stylish look. The sisal rug is durable, strong and suitable for high footsteps areas. Made from the natural cactus plant Agave sisalana. For safety purposes, you may use a rug pad to fix the sisal rug. Some sisal rugs look like jute but don’t shed. A wide range of colors, textures and designs make your interior attractive. Not contain any toxic material, safe for allergies and asthma-affected people. If you place a sisal rug in the garden after certain a time it decomposes in the soil. Sisal rug requires less maintenance regular vacuuming keeps sisal rug clean.


Seagrass rug made from seagrass grows in the Asia-Pacific region. Seagrass rug plants are non-porous, perfect for entryway and semi-outdoor space. Stain resistance if any stain occurs on the surface jute wipe down with a clean damp cloth. Easy to clean and maintain, use a regular vacuum for deep cleaning. Seagrass rugs are softer than sisal and coir. Most of the seagrass rug is less dusty than jute. Seagrass rug is more comfortable than jute and looks like jute but don’t shed.


Hemp rug is durable, eco-friendly and an alternative to synthetic fiber rugs. Make from natural fiber suitable for high traffic areas. One of the great advantages of hemp rugs is mildew resistance. Perfect for a wet area like a bathroom and outdoor space. Perfect for layering surfaces make your room great with different layer hemp rugs. Completely anti-bacterial so perfect for baby playgrounds. Easy to clean and maintain, use vacuum cleaner for removing fine dust. Apply regular carpet cleaner to remove spills from the surface. Soft and comfortable like jute but don’t shed.

Do sisal rugs shed?

All natural fiber rug slightly shed to some degree. Sisal rugs are made from natural fiber and slightly shed in some cases. But less shed than jute or any natural fiber rug. Sisal rugs are durable, strong and perfect for high traffic areas.


Sisal, Seagrass and Hemp rugs are comfortable, soft and safe floors from humidity. Use can easily buy these budget-friendly rugs from any super shop or online. Safe for pet owners and allergy-affected people. A wide range of colors, textures and design natural rugs make your home modern.

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