How To Place Runner In l shaped Hallway?

How To Place Runner In l shaped Hallway?

Like other rooms hallways is also an important part of the home. You should keep your hallway always beautiful and clean. You can also place various runner designs rugs which make your hallway beautiful. Normally l shaped runner rug ideal for decorating the hallway. By using a different kind of runner you can easily create an attractive hallway. Today in this article we will discuss how to place runner in l shaped hallway.

What is a runner?

A runner rug is used to beautify long and narrow spaces. A runner also can be used in L shaped hallway. You can place runner in the staircase, open floor plan, and hallway. There are many types of runner styles you can use for decorating your hallway.

Purposes of using a runner:

There are many purposes for placing runners in your hallway. The runner is not only beautified your hallway but also saves the floor from lots of footsteps. You can use a runner in all narrow spaces or a staircase.

Increase aesthetic view:

You can increase aesthetic view by using a runner in the hallway. Various colors, designs, and patterns runner make your hallway stunning. If you place a solid dark color rug in the hallway it’s hide messy.

Protect the floor from lots of footsteps:

Runner rugs not only decorate space but also protect your floor from wear and tear. If you place entryway rugs on the home it’s a safe floor from lots of traffic. Most runner rug is washable so don’t worry when you need to deep clean the rug.

Create a welcoming environment:

Runner rugs create a welcoming environment for guests. You can use the runner in all narrow spaces without ruining the surface. It means that the runner rug is eco-friendly and safe for wood floors.

How to place runner in l shaped hallway?

The standard hallway size is 10 feet long and 3 feet wide. When you go end of the hallway gets a door on the right side. In some traditional homes, you will get an angled door on the left side. So hallway view like l shaped, you can’t place regular carpet in this hallway. A runner rug is the best for such a narrow space. You can decorate easily any narrow hallways with the best runner rug. So don’t worry next time about how to place runner in hallway?

Can you put two runners in a hallway?

Yes, you put two runners in a hallway if you have an extra-long hallway. You can decorate a long hallway by placing two runners in a hallway. Two-runner rug makes your hallway beautiful. So don’t worry if your hallway is extra long than the normal hallway.

How long should a hallway runner be?

Standard hallway runner’s rug size is six to fourteen feet long and three feet wide. But if your hallway is long and doesn’t cover in such a size rug. You can place two rugger rugs to cover the long hallway. It’s better to avoid placing more than two rugs in the hallway.

Should I choose a patterned hall runner?

Patterned runners are perfect for a hallway. The patterned runner will make your hall more beautiful. For a grand entrance striped runner is the best so pick a patterned runner for a traditional look. Modern pattern runners decorate any space without ruining space. You can also decorate the long hallway with a patterned runner.

What colors should I choose for my hall runner?

You can decorate the hallway with any color runner. In the hall, you can use a neutral color, light or bold color. Bold colors like red, purple, or yellow are ideal for the hallway. You can use light pastel colors with bold colored flooring. Neutral colors like grey, white and beige are also ideal for your hallway. You can decorate various patterned runners with a neutral color.

High-pile or low-pile for hall runners?

High-pile runner rug is perfect for lots of footsteps in hallways. High-pile runner rug is more durable than a low-pile runner. The other advantage of the high-pile rug is it’s regular size. So you can place a high pile without having to worry about the shape of the runner. High pile runners can be placed in small or narrow hallways. For low traffic hallway medium or low pile carpet is the best.


There are many benefits of placing a runner in the hallway, you can protect the floor from lots of footsteps and also make your space beautiful. You can easily place a runner in l shaped hallway simply by following the above guideline.

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