How To Turn An Indoor Rug Into An Outdoor Rug?

How To Turn An Indoor Rug Into An Outdoor Rug?

Outdoor rug keeps your porch, deck, or surface safe from excess footsteps, rain, snow, bad weather, and tear. They also keep your floors safe from spills and stains. Many of us spend most of our time in outdoor spaces. Decorative outdoor surfaces make our leisure time more special. An outdoor rug is tough, durable, and more strong than an indoor rug. When you want to turn an indoor rug into an outdoor rug you should follow some steps. Because indoor rugs are not enough strong and durable as the outdoor rug. Let’s see how to turn an indoor rug into an outdoor rug without any professional person.

Tools You’ll Need:

  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Step by step guide: How to turn an indoor rug into an outdoor rug?

Normally indoor rugs are not enough strong and durable as outdoor surfaces. So while you place an indoor rug outdoor space your rug fiber will damage soon. If your rug does not drain water mildew will grow so it’s important to make the rug waterproof. Let’s enjoy how to make an indoor rug an outdoor rug whole transforming process.

Measure your space:

Take measurements of your space using a measuring tape. Measure the length and width of your space, if your space is long you may use a runner rug. If your space is a small, round rug or over shape, rug makes your space attractive.

Cut the rug:

Now mark the rug following the measure which you get from your space. Take pair of scissors to cut the rug along that line. Keep one end of the rug in your hand and cut the other end. Perform these steps carefully otherwise you can’t get a design size rug for your space.

Clean your rug:

After cutting your rug you will find lots of messy if your rug is old. Use a broom to clean dust, dirt, and other messy. After that, you may wash the rug with mild dish soap. If you use a dirty rug it will not safe for your health.

Waterproof the Rug:

Primer will make your water-resistant without ruining rug fabric. Use a paint roller to spread the primer over the rug. Let dry the rug you may wait overnight for the best result. Primer also makes rug stain and mildew resistant.

Paint rug:

After drying the primer coat now your rug is ready for painting. Use the previous roller to spread the paint over the rug. Water-based paint is best for an indoor and outdoor rugs. After that let the paint dry overnight, you may use a fan for fast drying.

Again roll the rug:

Use pain your rug with paint it makes your rug more durable. Don’t forget to use a roller to spread the paint, now let the paint dry overnight. You may use an oscillating fan for fast drying.

Enjoy your new outdoor rug:

Now your rug is ready to use, enjoy the new and colorful rug. Your rug is ready to face all the bad weather and lots of footsteps. Enjoy your leisure time with your family and friends.

Can you use an indoor rug outside?

If you are thinking about the outdoor rug, a lot of people may ask can you use an indoor rug outside? Obviously yes, we can use indoor rug outdoor space. If you don’t like the color of your indoor rug, apply paint over the rug. You may use indoor rugs as outdoor rugs without any problem. But make your rug waterproof before placing outdoor space.

Can you use an indoor rug on a covered porch?

If you want to cover your porch with an indoor rug don’t take an oversize rug. Because it will difficult to move and clean. Breathable indoor rugs are most suitable for a covered porch. If you want to use an indoor rug on a covered porch take medium size indoor rug. Don’t forget to waterproof your rug before placing outdoor space.

Do you need a rug pad outside?

If your rug is placed outdoor surface like a porch, deck or patio then you should use a rug pad to keep your rug in place. If your rug is placed damp rug pad will save your family member from sudden slip. On the hand rug pad safe rug fiber from dampness and mildew.


Outdoor rugs keep your floor safe from spills, stains, and water damage. At the same time, it makes your space more attractive. If you follow this guide you will get a durable and colorful outdoor rug.

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