Wall To Wall Carpet That Looks Like Sisal

Wall To Wall Carpet That Looks Like Sisal

If you’re looking for a luxury carpet for your floor, you may choose a wall to wall carpet that looks like sisal. Wall to wall carpet that looks like sisal is usually made of synthetic fibers, so great solution for those who have allergies. It also comes in various colors, so you don’t worry about matching colors. Some sisal it’s not very soft and comfortable under foot. Nowadays, you can find a wall to wall carpet that looks like sisal in various online stores or shops. When you find a sisal rug is not enough soft choose alternative to sisal.

Why do people love sisal rugs?

Sisal carpet is popular for several reasons. Different colors, textures, and designs of sisal rugs are available in the market. You don’t have to worry about matching colors when you choose sisal carpets. You can find many kinds of sisal rugs: geometric designs, flowers, animals, etc. The sisal rug is perfect for hardwood floors without ruin floor.
Wall to wall carpet that looks like sisal gives great protection against stains and heat. Perfect choices for your living room or bedroom. Sisal rugs also help to keep the home clean and tidy because they trap all dust and dirt. Affordable price and practical quality keep you relaxed when you spend leisure time at home. You can place a sisal rug in the open floor plan room.

What Are the Best Alternatives to Sisal Rugs?

If you are not a fan of a sisal rug, you can try a carpet that looks like sisal. You can find attractive rugs made of synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers have lots of benefits like easy to clean, washable, durable and affordable. So, don’t get confused when choosing the best sisal alternatives for your home. Let’s see the best alternatives to sisal rugs:

  1. You can try synthetic sisal weaves, which look like natural sisal. Now, carpet made in polypropylene fibers is popular. Very soft, and comfortable under the feet so best for wall to wall carpet. They also come in various colors and designs, you can find royal and oriental designs, floral or geometric patterns. Synthetic sisal weaves rug made of polypropylene fibers. Don’t attract dust and dirt so easy to maintain. Sisal wall to wall carpets is breathable so best for allergy and asthma sufferers people. Sisal look carpets are durable and affordable so great choice for your family home.
  2. If you don’t like synthetic fiber sisal you may choose jute and wool rugs. Jute and wool rugs are natural fiber rugs so safe for health. They are also breathable, so you don’t worry if place over grass. You can find various designs, patterns, textures, and colors of wool sisal wall to wall carpets in the market. They don’t absorb humidity so great choice for a damp surface. They are not expensive so you can use these two fiber rugs in the living, dining or bedroom. So, you can have the best rugs for your house.

  1. Seagrass and coir are other popular rugs that look like sisal. Seagrass and coir rugs come in various colors and sizes. So, you can find lovely seagrass rugs for decorating your home. Seagrass and coir are natural fibers so they are eco-friendly. These rugs are made of 100% natural fiber so breathable and smooth under the feet. Coir is made of coconut husk, which is not only great for the environment but also easy to maintain. Seagrass wall to wall carpet prices is also affordable for everyone. Seagrass wall to wall carpet perfect for open floor plan home.

Do Sisal Rugs Shed?

Sisal rugs are made of natural fiber so they do not contain any toxic elements. Sisal rugs are perfect for both indoors and outdoor. Although sisal carpet is a natural fiber it is less shed than jute. However, to keep your sisal rug in good condition you should know to follow some steps:
1. Sweep it regularly with a hard bristled broom.
2. Never wash your sisal carpet with hard cleaning solution. The best way to vacuum is only once a week, depending on traffic.
3. Sisal rugs can last for up to 10 years if you take the proper care of them.
4. Keep the rug safe from sudden slips use a rug pad.


Synthetic fibers sisal rug is perfect for allergy sufferers people, but some synthetic fibers are not enough soft so you can try the best alternatives to sisal rugs. If you don’t like synthetic fiber sisal rugs you can choose wool and jute or seagrass and coir rug. All of this natural fiber rug are eco-friendly so you don’t worry about the environment.

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