Are Polyester Rugs Toxic?

Are Polyester Rugs Toxic?

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Rugs increase your home beauty but have a great impact on your health. If you replace old rugs with synthetic fabrics you need some caution. Plastic is the main ingredient of polyester rugs. If you place polyester rugs in a sensitive place you will face some health problems, such as hormone disruption. Before choosing a polyester rug you should know which polyester rugs are toxic and what are the best alternatives?

Polyester rug Material:

Polyester rugs are made from cheap material so the price is comparatively less. Polyester rug fabric is synthetic, made of plastic and cotton.
Oxygen and hydrogen are also used in this rug manufacturing process. Due to the polymerization reaction polyester is catalyzed by a metal-based catalyst. Normally direct polymerization and melt polymerization are the main methods of polyester production. After this process in presence of ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid polyester fabric is produced. In this process polyester fabric is heated 120 °C to 180 °C temperature.

Are polyester rugs toxic?

Plastic and cotton are the main ingredients of the polyester rug. Polyester rugs are made of cheap material so sometimes proper hygiene is not maintained.

On the other hand polyester rug made in presence of flame retardants, it is toxic and causes of skin rash. While humans breathe this toxic flame it will cause cancer.

Some customers complain after using polyester rugs they are affected by hormone disruption and allergy. So polyester rugs not healthy for allergy-affected people. Now you know are polyester rugs safe or not for your family.

Why Polyester Toxic?

Is polyester rug toxic, let’s see why the polyester rug is toxic.

For toxic dye chemicals:

Sometimes toxic dye colors are used in polyester rug fabric. Most of the toxic dye chemical is ethylates, aniline, mercury, lead and alkyl phenol.


Antimicrobial is an essentials ingredients for rugs. Used to save rug from mildew and bacteria. But antimicrobial present in rugs irritates skin and eyes, so harmful to health.

Stain-resistant Chemicals:

The synthetic rug is popular for being stain-resistant, but not environmentally friendly. Because the chemical which is used to make rug stain resistance is not safe for the environment. Stain resistance chemical contains a per fluorinated element which is caused cancer.


Glue is used to merge two synthetic rugs, most of this glue contains toxic chemicals which cause skin irritation and allergies. If anyone asks you are polyester rugs safe say that person this answer.

Why avoid Polyester Rugs:


In the Polyester rug manufacturing process large amounts of energy and raw materials are required. Fossil fuels are used to derive energy consumption. For this reason lots of solvents and stabilizers waste. That’s the reason a huge amount of carbon is produced which is harmful to the environment.


Many Synthetic and polyester rugs are made from non-biodegradable materials. So that rug is naturally decomposable after some years. But some polyester rug is not naturally decomposable which is harmful to the environment.


Polyester rugs lifespan 6 to 10 years. But while placed in high traffic areas rug lifespan will decrease which like a waste of money.

Are polyester rugs good for outdoors?

Polyester rug availability, durability and attractive looking make this rug popular. Perfect for outdoor use, due to water-resistant not holding water. Lightweight design, easy to carry and store. Less price than standard rug but not safe for human health and the environment.

Alternatives to Polyester and Synthetic Rugs:

Wool Rugs:

Wool rugs are one of the popular rugs instead of polyester rugs. Durable, attractive, comfortable and made from natural fiber. Not contains any harmful chemicals so safe for the environment. Suitable for indoor, outdoor and high footsteps areas. If take care of properly mold, mildew and bacteria will not grow.

Sisal Rugs:

Sisal rugs are another best alternative to the polyester rug. A wide range of colors, designs, sizes and shapes of sisal rugs are available in the market. Made from natural fiber, safe for humans and pets. Less pricy, easy to clean and maintain.

Jute Rugs:

Jute rug made from a renewable resource. Durable, strong and best instead of polyester rugs. Keep your feet warm while you are bare feet. Not require too much maintenance.

Seagrass Rugs:

Like jute rugs, Seagrass is made from a renewable resource. Made from natural fiber, safe for the environment. Anti-slip, stain and water-resistant. Easy to clean and maintain like polyester.


Polyester rugs manufacturing process and dye chemicals are harmful to humans and the environment. Always use natural fiber rug material that is safe for human health. But If you have a weakness with polyester rugs follow caution before using them.

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