Types OF Berber Carpet

Types OF Berber Carpet

Berber carpets are made from olefin, nylon, and wool. All of these materials are sewn or tufted in and make a geometric pattern. Berber carpet is designed in the Sahara region of North Africa and is known as Sahara or Tulugaq. They are also found in western Anatolia and South-West Morocco. Berber carpets are made in different sizes, the largest of which is an average of eight feet long and three feet wide.

Berber carpets are usually made either in solid colors or with a more complex pattern or overall light color with darker flecks. The original Berber carpet design is derived from the weaving techniques of local tribal people. Today, Berber carpets have their distinctive appearance, using only certain shades of red, blue, and green to create a subtle but beautiful effect.

Berber carpets are usually made in different sizes. The largest size is eight feet long and three feet wide, but some of them can be as large as fifteen feet long and six feet wide. This very large size is the result of traditional practice by the Berber people, who drape a cloth over the door or another window at night to keep out insects and provide insulation from the winter cold.

What Are the Different Types of Berber Carpet?

Normally two types of Berber carpets are popular all over the world: modern and traditional. Modern Berber carpets are made from synthetic fibers such as nylon and olefin, or a combination of both. They have excellent commercial appeal because they can be made in a variety of colors and designs.

Traditional Berber carpets are made from wool and are hand-made. They are more costly than the modern variety, but they last longer and the overall quality is good. The traditional Berber carpet usually has a variation of colors, which makes them beautiful and appealing.

Berber carpets are produced in different styles. The most common type is the mosaic pattern, which consists of geometric shapes resembling diamonds or checkers.

Advantages of Installing Berber Carpet:

Berber carpets are soft and warm to the touch. They also have a very authentic look and come with a very low price tag. Berber carpet is made of natural fibers, therefore it is excellent for people who are asthma or allergy sufferer. Berber carpet is eco-friendly because it has been manufactured using recycled yarns.


Berber carpet is usually very affordable. The price ranges from just a few dollars to several hundred. Berber carpet is very easy to handle and install. It is composed of only three elements: backing, pile, and weft. It does not require any sewing or cutting. Berber carpets can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Simple steps like this can help you to keep your Berber rug looking good even after long term use.


Berber carpets are durable and suitable for high-traffic areas. Berber carpet usually comes with a wool pile, which is naturally resistant to water and moisture. Berber carpet has a very stylish appearance. Berber carpet is ideal for any style of home decor. It can be used with both classic and contemporary furniture.


Berber carpet is stain-resistant, so it does not require much maintenance. Berber carpet is usually made of natural wool, which is durable and can be cleaned easily. Just use warm water and gentle soap to clean any stains or dirt. Berber carpets are a good option for modern interior design and decorating styles. They are one of the most preferred rugs in all over the world, especially in the desert region. The designs are colorful and very attractive.

Is Berber carpet good?

Yes, Berber carpet is usually very soft and warm to the touch. Berber carpet is eco-friendly because it is made using recycled yarns. Berber rug is also suitable for allergy sufferers. The woolen fibers of a Berber carpet are resistant to harsh conditions such as radiation and heat because they are naturally fire resistant and absorb heat quickly. Carpet Berber usually comes in rectangular and square shapes. There are many ways that you can use a Berber carpet in a room.


Berber carpet is very easy to install, it does not require a lot of time and labor. Berber carpet is durable, stain and water resistant, so it does not require much care or maintenance. You can easily clean any dirt or stain using warm water and soap. Berber carpets usually do not generate allergies or irritation in the respiratory system, so they are ideal for people who have asthma.

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