Standard Rug Sizes Guide, Chart & Common Comparisons 2022

Decorate any home in traditional or modern ways rugs are one of the best option. Choosing standard rug sizes you perfectly decorate any room without a professional person. Every homeowner wants to decorate their room with an amazing rug but maximum person don’t know what rug size is perfect for their room.

Accurate measurement of the rug changes the aesthetic view of any room. Normally living room is the center of attraction of any home. While you cover the floor with amazing color rugs you find your room looks larger and more attractive. Highlights your interior design by choosing the ideal rug for your room.

After selecting a beautiful rug if you see a rug size too large or too small for your room it’s a waste of time. Different sizes, shapes and colours of rugs are available in the market. But which one is perfect for your room? IS standard size rug is popular all over the world. Most used three rug standard sizes are:

  • Large rugs 8’7″ to 12′
  • Medium rugs 5’1″ to 8’6
  • Small rugs less than 5′

Standard rug sizes tips for all spaces:

Free size is better:

Large rug size changes any room look, using a large rug size you feel better. If you choose a large rug not need to merge two rugs. It saves you time and money, also keeps you comfortable.

Observe the room:

Observe your room properly for accurate size and orientation. For large rooms choose large size rugs and for long rooms choose a lengthwise rug.

Take accurate measurement:

Take accurate measurements of your room and then place the rug.

How to Measure and Place an Area Rug:

Now you know the measurement of your room, so make a masking tape and make border where you place the rug. Leave 18 inches free distance from the wall to each side of rugs, it makes your movement easy. You may keep 2 inches free distance from the wall to each side of rugs if any error was visible. For small rooms keep 18 inches free distance from the wall.

How to choose a rug size for any room:

If you know IS standard size it will make your rug choosing task easy. Rug sizes chart and their relevant uses help any users to make a decision. Sometimes rug users don’t know rug uses the feature, so below chart important for new rug users:

Room Size Rug Size Their uses
5’ x 7’ 3’ x 5’ Small size rug used in living room, dining room, bedroom, entryway, hallway, kid’s room, playroom, dorm room or office.
7’ x t10’ 5’ x 8’ This amazing multi design rug is most used in dining room.  Placing this rug towards a window or wall you save electricity  in day because this amazing rug maximise natural light.
10’ x 12’ 8’ x 10’ Perfect rug for king, queen sized beds and dining spaces. Suitable for 6 to 8 member dining table.
11 x 14’ 9’ x 12’ This size rug defines the style of your room. Perfect choice for open space and large sized furniture.. You may also place this rug in large living, dining rooms and hallways.
14 x 17’ 12’ x 15’ Most used large size rug which explore your interior design. Perfect for a large bedroom, dining space and living room.

If you do not choose this table rug size you have the option to choose another rug. For example, while you need a tiny rug for a tight space or small area, pick 2’-7”x4’-11” size rug. This small rug is perfect for under the coffee table and entranceway. While you need a slightly large rug choose 4’x6’ size, which is perfect for decorating hallways, entrance foyers and small nooks. For a large room choose 12’x18’ size rug without confusion. Decorate your king or queen size bed with this amazing rug. Now see the most surprising open space rug for your large apartment. It changes the room visibility and makes you comfortable.

Most common area Rug Sizes:

If you have a clear conception about common area rug sizes your shopping becomes easy. That saves your time and energy, so let’s check.

Rectangular shape rug is most common and measured in feet. The most popular area rug sizes are 3’x5′, 4’x6’, 5’x8’, 6’x9’, 8’x10’, 9’x12’ and 10’x14′. 

Don’t worry if you do not choose a rectangular shaped rug. Make your room more cozy and attractive using other standard sizes rugs like round, square and runner. All of these rugs have different colours, designs and textures.

After buying an amazing rug most of the user’s common question is how the different rug sizes furnished  home? Following our article, you easily furnished your room without a professional person.

Different rug placement ideas:

Small Rug Sizes:

Small rugs common sizes are 2’-4”x4’-11”, or 3’x5’ or 4’X6’. All of these sizes known as a small rugs place small rugs in front of the bathroom or kitchen sink. A small rug is great for a tiny entryway or passage.

Medium Rug Sizes

Large Rug Sizes

Extra Large Rug Sizes

4’x6′ Area Rug Size

4×6 Rug in Living Room

4’x6’ sized area rugs make your modern living room stylish and comfortable. Place this rug in the centre of the living room or under the coffee table. Keep rug pet messy and stain-free, keep 18” gap from wall to rug edge. This rug makes your feet comfortable even if you are bare feet.

4×6 Rug in Bedroom

Decorate your cozy bedroom with a 4’x6’ sized area rug. As a regular carpet user, I know rug using floors are a lot softer than any without rug floor. You get a comfortable walk and stand while you use the rug in your bedroom. Make your bedroom amazing with a 4×6 size single colour or contrast colour rug. Enjoy an amazing feeling while you are bare feet in the morning or after taking shower.

Rug size for bedroom

For cleaning purposes, you may keep 3 feet of free space from the edge of the rug to the wall. Bedroom rugs not only comfort your feet but also reduce noise. Ensure your sound sleep using the bedroom rug. Rug reduces lots of footsteps sound that keep the comfort of your neighbourhood.

4×6 Rug in Transitional areas

Transitional areas rug is the combination of modern and traditional styles. Transitional rug pattern similar to an antique rug but colour similar to the modern rug. You have the option to place a transitional rug in the living room, dining room, kitchen, open space or bedroom. Change any room appearance with an affordable price transitional area rug. While you feel tired transitional rug different colors and rhythmic movement make you refresh.

On the other hand, if you want to keep your wood floors free from furniture scratch use a 4’×6’ transitional area rug. Not required to use a furniture pad if you use the transitional rug. Make a royal entry place this rug entrance of foyer or large corridor.

5’x8′ Area Rug Size

5×8 Rug in Living Room

For a small sized living room 5’x8′ size area rug is an ideal choice. Don’t place the rug in the center of the room because it looks awkward if have a lot of empty space. If you have two sofas, place the rug from the same distance. Another rug placing idea places a single sofa one side and arrange rest of furniture another place. Lots of empty space will be available if you decorate the next living room with such an arrangement.

5×8 Rug in Dining Room

If you have a small dining room or small apartment 5×8 size rug is perfect for you. This size rug is perfect for under the 2-chair dining table. You also place this amazing rug in the kitchen. Low pile dining rug traps dust and dirt so fine dust not floating during food taking time. Not scratch the floor even if you do not use a furniture pad. Rug makes your cleaning task easy while any food spill will occur.

5×8 Rug in Bedroom

If your bedroom size is semi-small or has 5 feet free space from wall to bed 5’×8’size rug is perfect for you. This rug only covers full bed space and you get enough free space for moving. Rug placement is a very major factor because you can’t properly clean the room if the whole floor is covered with the rug.

In the free space of the room, you may keep the sofa or corner rank. It will be a great sitting area if you are properly organised. Do you notice that your room has a slight echo? The reason is that hard surfaces can’t absorb footsteps or other household sounds. So need to place a rug under the bed or a whole room. A well-furnished rug reduction noise which ensures sound sleep.

6’x9′ Area Rug Size

6×9 Rug in Living Room

Change your living room look using a geometric or traditional pattern rug. If you can place a 6×9 size living room rug properly you will get a combination of modern or transitional look. This rug size firmly covers the furniture area so not require an extra rug pad. If you have pets or a baby you may place the rug on the side of the room. So your kids get enough space for playing. Most of the living room rugs are low piles so that not interface door opening or closing time.

6’×9’ size living room rug makes your feet comfortable while you sitting or taking a rest on bare feet. Reduce walking sound that helps to hold concentration at work

6×9 Rug in Dining Room

Furnish your 4 chair dining table set using a 6×9 size dining room rug. You will get enough space Keep your feet while pulling out the chair. Low pile carpet traps fine dust that keeps your dining space dust and allergy-free.

Rug size for dinning room

Cover full dining table space that saves the floor from a food spill. A soft and comfortable dining room rug makes your dining room fantastic.

6×9 Rug in Bedroom

Normally 6’×9’ rug size is best for under the bed, it looks amazing if you place the rug centre of the bed. But if you need regular nightstands, place rug in nightstands surface. Using this

the amazing rug size starts any morning and ends every evening with a soft touch of the rug.

8’x10′ Area Rug Size

8×10 Rug in Living Room

If you have a medium size living room with 3 seater sofa 8×10 size rug is an ideal choice for you. Furnish your sofa and centre table with this amazing rug.

Rocking chairs or any small furniture smartly fit with this medium size rug. Because of the cover of the front leg of furniture, it’s easy to move and clean. If your living room is comparatively small this rug covers the walking space of the room. That warm foot if you have barefoot or after taking shower. Keep your feet warm and comfortable choosing 8×10 size rug. Enjoy your leisure time with this amazing rug.

8×10 Rug in Dining Room

Arrange your 6-chair dining table with an 8×10 size area rug. This size rug is ideal for a medium size dining table. While you pull the chair it will not touch the floor. So that does not require using a chair pad. So don’t worry if you are not a hard floor user.

This special rug traps fine dust that keeps the home allergy-free. Lightweight design so easy to clean and move. Reduce chair pulling sound and bring a royal touch to your dining room.

8×10 Rug in Bedroom

Decorate your medium, large or semi small bedroom with 8×10 size rug. For a small bedroom this rug covers under bed space and rest space of the bedroom. But for a medium bedroom, this rug covers under bed space and slightly covers the rest of the bedroom.

This rug is not perfect for a king or queen size bedroom. Do not use this rug under a large bed. Enjoy your nightstand with warm feet using 8×10 size rug in Bedroom.

9’x12′ Area Rug Size

9×12 Rug in Living Room

If you choose 9×12 rug in the living room you have multiple options to organize your living space. One furnished will be L-shaped sofa with a single seat sofa and centre table. Another furnished will be a 3 and 2-seater sofa with a center table.

This rug is ideal for a medium and large living room. You may keep a corner rack or rocking chair on one side of the rug. Not only furniture front leg cover with this rug you also keep your feet on the rug.

9×12 Rug in Dining Room

Organise your large dining room with 9×12 size rug. Smartly organised 8-chair dining table. Get enough space to keep your feet on the rug during the meal. Change the appearance of the dining space and keep the floor stain-free. Because of the large size, you have the option to keep a single sofa or corner rack in the dining space. That rug save furniture pad cost and keep the floor scratch-free.

9×12 Rug in Bedroom

Organise your medium and large bedroom with 9’x12’ rug. If you choose the amazing colour and texture rug that brightens your room. A light colour rug makes the bedroom cozy and relaxing. Large bedroom is not fully cover with this rug but cover the slight front area of the bed. That keeps your feet comfortable and warm.

For a medium bedroom 9’×12′ rug is perfect, it’s a fully covered bed and free space of the room. Save feet from cold while you are bare feet.

12’x18′ Area Rug Size

12×18 Rug in Living Room

While you placed 12’×18′ rug in the living room it provides a royal touch in your home. Suitable for a large living room. Fully cover your floor and provide outstanding comfort for kids and pets. You have different options to place furniture in your room.

You may place furniture directly on top of the rug. Easily fit 2-3 seater sofa or L-seater sofa and centre table. Make your friends and family members happy by choosing a 12’×18′ rug in the living room.

12×18 Rug in Dining Room

Organise your 8-seaters dining table with 12’×18′ size rug. You will get enough space to keep your feet on the rug. Perfect for a large and medium size dining room.

If you use this rug in the medium size dining room, 2 or 1 seater sofa easily fits the top of this rug. Keep your dining room free from food spill and scratch test this amazing rug.

12×18 Rug in Bedroom

Furnish your large king size bed with a 12’×18′ rug in the bedroom. You have the option to organise a 12′ size bed vertically without any interruption. Absorb footsteps sound and ensure sound sleep. Keep your feet comfortable and warm at bare feet. Make your walking enjoyable during the nightstand.

What are rug sizes for each room?

Now we know how to organise our home with different sizes of the rug. If someone wants to organise a home without common area rug sizes. It’s like out of box think but not impossible. If we carefully analyse the common area rug it’s become easy for us. So let’s discuss how to select rug sizes for each room.

What Size Rug for the Living Room?

The selection of a rug for the living room depends on your room size. Normally 2 organised ways are most used first one front leg of the furniture on top of the rug. The second way keeps a minimum 18 inch to 20 inch gap between furniture and rug. The first option is perfect for a small living room. This organises a way to keep your feet warm and provide soft touch.

For a small living room choose 4’x6’ size rug, smartly organise your living room with this rug. For a medium size room choose 6’x9’ size rug and for a large room choose 8’x10’ size rug. You may buy a larger rug for the living room.

Sometimes you need a large size rug for an occasion or a large span. For such purposes use 8’x10′, 12’x15’, 12’x18’, and 20’x20’ size rugs. But this rug is not perfect for a medium or semi-large living room. One of the popular practises of placing the rug in the living room keeps 18’’ free space between rug edge and furniture.

What Size Rug for the Dining Room?

Dining table of one the most important pieces of furniture of every home. Hygienic food is related to sound health, so everyone should keep their dining room clean and hygienic. Proper rug selection ensures much cleanliness. Medium pile carpet absorbs fine dust and dirt that reduce allergy particles from the air.

For a small dining table choose a small size rug, a small rug perfect for a single person or small family. Modern apartment most used dining table are 4-seater or 6-seater. Furnished 4 seater dining table with 6’x9’ size rug and 6-seater dining table with 8’x10’ size rug. If you choose a rug following rules it keeps your feet warm while you pull the chair. The best practice will be if have 18”-24” free space after pulling the chair. So no need to use a chair pad.

What Size Rug for the Bedroom?

After a busy day, everyone spends their time in the bedroom. So need special care before choosing a rug for the bedroom. Lightweight design and colorful rug make your bedroom cozy and beautiful. Absorb sound from the hard floor that makes your sleep comfortable.

Before choosing a rug for the bedroom take the exact measurement of your bedroom. Choose 3’x5’ or a 4’x6’ rug for a small or medium bedroom. Choose 4’x6’ rug fully covered in your small bedroom. Pick 5’x8’ or 6’x9’ rug for a large bedroom. If you use a king size bed this rug not fully cover the bedroom. Keep your feet warm and enjoy an amazing feel using a soft rug in the bedroom.

What is the best rug size for a queen bed?

The queen bed is medium size bed that is perfect for two-person. Measurement of queen size bed is 60”x80” (152.5cm x 203.5cm) so that easily fit in a medium-size room. Use 5’x8’, 6’x9’ or 8’x10 size rug for a queen bed that smartly covers your bedroom.

What Size Rug for the Kitchen?

The kitchen is one of the most high foot traffic areas of the home. Most of the time kitchen floors get wet for food preparation purposes. Sometimes food spills and stains are visible on kitchen floors. Make your kitchen stylish and stains-free using the best kitchen rug. Choose different colours, textures and design kitchen rugs that make your kitchen trendy.

For a medium to open space kitchen 3’x5’ or 4’x6’ size rug is ideal. Place a rug in the middle of the kitchen that keeps your feet warm. Some rug absorbs water, it keeps your kitchen always dry. Also save the floor from coke, beer and food spills. If you want to keep your rug away from water, leave 18” to 24” free space. This space keeps your rug dry and makes your rug cleaning task easy. As an experienced person, I suggest you not place a large rug in your kitchen. Because we need a clean kitchen daily so that large rug is tough to clean and maintain. Popular kitchen rug layouts are one wall, L-shaped, U-shaped and galley. So let’s decorate your lovely kitchen with this stylish layout.

How to choose round & oval rug sizes and layout?

Like traditional rug sizes, round & oval rug size are also popular. Normally this type of rug is used both indoor and outdoor in the home. Make your leisure and holiday more special by decorating your outdoor space with a round or oval rug. Now let’s talk about this rug size and layout.

12’ round rug size:

For a large living room or 8-chair dining table, a 12’ round rug is perfect. This rug is suitable for a large to medium size living room. To make your dining space more trendy you may choose this stylish rug.

8’ round rug size:

Choose an 8′ round rug for 6-chair round dining table. This rug warms your feet and gives you an amazing feel. Save your floor from food spills and furniture scratch.

6’ round rug size:

If you want to furnish your small space with an amazing rug choose 6’ round rug. Suitable for small spaces like outdoor or corner zone of home.

Final thought:

Now you have an idea about different rug size and their features. Choose the perfect rug and decorate your room. If you do not have a smart budget choose a budget-friendly rug. Change your home look with the same accent chair, lamp and rug.

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