Is Polypropylene Safe To Breathe?

Is Polypropylene Safe To Breathe?

Before buying a new rug we should know the rug fabric materials.  Some rug fabrics are toxic to human health and the environment. Polypropylene is a common fabric in floor coverings, clothing, and furniture, which can be found in most homes throughout the world. Polypropylene is a type of plastic, which is used in many products. Polypropylene materials are resistant to heat, and also very durable. Polypropylene is non-flammable and resistant to sunlight.

Polypropylene is used in most automobile parts, therefore you will find inside the car dashboard many times that are made of Polypropylene. This material has been around for a long time ago and still widely used by big companies with a reputation because it is safe for the people. However, since we are talking about rug flooring, we should know more about rug materials that are harmless for our health and environment.

What Is Polypropylene?

Polypropylene is one kind of plastic that is widely used all over the world. Most used food packaging and drink bottles. Polypropylene is durable, simple to mold, and resistant to heat. It’s also known that polypropylene is safe for people because it’s chemically inert with only a small solubility in water.

There are two basic polypropylene types, High density, and Low density polypropylene. High density polypropylene has high tensile strength and it’s widely used for industrial purposes. Low density polypropylene is mainly used in plastic bottles and plastic bags.

The main difference between high density and low density type are plastic hardness characteristics. The high density type is harder than the low density one, so it can be used for tooling that requires a high resistance to impact.

Is polypropylene safe to breathe?

Polypropylene is strong and durable, so it’s widely used in many products. Polypropylene lifetime is more than 20 years if it has been installed well. The most important part of rug materials is carpet backing material. The backing materials are specially designed to provide abrasion resistance, moisture repellent, wear resistance and give the carpet overall strength.

Polypropylene is not safe to breathe. Polypropylene rug material is made with a high molecular weight, petrochemicals, and water. When it is in contact with the skin, the chemicals from the polypropylene can harm the skin causing allergic reactions. So, we should know more about these types of materials before purchasing them.

Is polypropylene safe for babies?

When purchasing a rug for the baby we should choose the material that is safe for kids. There are cheap and expensive carpets, but it doesn’t mean that the expensive one is better for babies and kids. Usually, high-quality carpets are more expensive. So, you can choose a rug with a good design and quality. The kids can be crawling on the floor, so we should choose a more durable rug. It’s also safer for a baby to play on the floor with carpet. Some polypropylene rugs contain harmful chemicals so not safe for kids. Polypropylene has a high molecular weight, so it causes skin allergies and dizziness in babies.

Is it safe to inhale polypropylene?

Polypropylene inhalation caused respiratory tract problems. Polypropylene particles can cause some breathing problems like skin allergies, dizziness, and sometimes death. Inhaling polypropylene particles is dangerous because polypropylene particles can affect the lungs causing breathing problems. So, we should know about these types of materials before buying.

Is polypropylene rugs toxic to humans?

Polypropylene rug is made from synthetic material. There are many types of polypropylene materials, so it doesn’t mean that every type is safe for our health and environment. Different types of polypropylene materials can cause different health problems. The high density type of polypropylene is more harmful to our health because it contains chemicals. These chemicals contained in polypropylene can cause different kinds of diseases like skin allergies and eye irritation. It’s better to choose a polypropylene rug that doesn’t contain harmful substances.


Polypropylene is not safe for people and our environment. Choose a natural fabric rug for your family which is safe and cost effective. You can choose jute, cotton, or wool rug instead of polypropylene rugs. Natural fiber rugs are also strong, durable stain resistant, and don’t contain water. In addition, there are many varieties of safe rugs available in the market. So, you don’t have to worry about the rug fiber types and choose the best one for your family.

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